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4 Benefits Of Updating Your Business Website

In order to keep the interest of the general public, business owners must seek to regularly make changes in the ways they operate their companies. Let’s use this obvious example – somewhere in early November, most storefronts were redesigned to reflect the upcoming holiday season. With that season now over, stores have taken down their decorations in favour of some new decor. You get the point.

Such changes are needed all throughout the year. And the very same thing can be said about your business website. It’s important, not only to reflect changes in the seasons, but the changes taking place at your business, on its website. It helps to convey, to online visitors, that things are happening with your brand. A stale and stagnant website communicates that there is nothing special taking place. This doesn’t help to generate business.

Here are four benefits to updating your business website:

1. It will encourage repeat visits. Keep in mind that a large number of Canadians jump online to browse products and services long before they decide to visit brick and mortar store locations. When your website is regularly updated, it encourages people to keep coming back to see what’s new. The more visitors you get, the opportunities you give your business to turn those repeat visitors into paying customers.

2. It keeps people engaged. Remember that people use the internet, not just to read what others have written, but to do some writing themselves. If your business website has a regularly updated blog, it encourages people to get involved in conversations. Blogs are often commented upon and shared via social media. Your blogs also help to position your brand as an industry leader. They’re meant to get people talking and sharing what they’ve learned from you.

3. It increases your sales opportunities. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people use the internet to browse. But the internet is commonly used as a shopping source as well. With your website being visited regularly, thanks to its constant updates, you provide yourself with an entirely new way to generate revenue. If customers can buy directly from your site, you give yourself the opportunity to make sales even when the doors of your store are closed.

4. It grows your social media reach. As we pointed out before, cool companies get people talking. The more content you add to your site, the more reasons you give people to talk about it. Why not start some of those conversations yourself? Every time you update your website, you have something new to talk about on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Posting links will help to keep people engaged and grow your friends and followers online.

As you may have guessed, MeloTel can certainly help you to take advantage of all of the benefits that come with regularly updating your business website. Our Website Maintenance Services are just perfect for the individual or small business that has a small amount of sites in its network, and that can benefit from about 2 to 15 hours of work each month. MeloTel provides a variety of website maintenance services by a highly skilled, competent and dedicated staff.

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