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4 Benefits Of Staying In Touch With Customers

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will be getting back in touch with family members and friends that we haven’t spoken to or seen in a while. It’s all part of the holiday tradition. Reaching out to loved ones and gathering to celebrate good times is often what the end-of-year holiday season is all about. For the most part, the relationships with our family members and friends don’t dissipate simply because of distance the rest of the year.

The same thing can’t be promised for our customers, however. Even though they have supported your brand in the past, there is no tangible tie to your business that they must remain loyal to. This is why continually working to secure customer relationships is an important part of marketing your business. Your customers are under no obligation once they’ve made purchases from you. So, it’s up to you to do your part to stay in touch.

Here are four benefits of staying in touch with customers:

1. It inspires loyalty. When you send emails, make phone calls or even write letters to the members of your customer base, it shows that you truly care about their business. Putting in an extra effort around the holiday season will especially be important as your customers will be reminded of where to go to shop. Never forget that your customers always have options. If you want them to be loyal to your brand, you’ll let them know that you’re thinking about them.

2. It saves you money. It’s often been said that it’s a lot easier to market a brand towards customers that already support it than it is to advertise to customers who have never done business with it. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of advertising dollars when you decide to personally reach out to those who have been your customers in the past. They already know a little something about you, so it shouldn’t be too hard to pique their interests again.

3. It gives you a leg up on competition. Let’s be honest. Not a lot of businesses put in the effort to make personal connections with their clients. This is especially true for larger corporations. They’re too big to even know all of their customers by name. As a small business owner, this gives you an advantage. Hopefully, you’ve gotten to know the people who support your business throughout the years. Now is a good time to strengthen that bond.

4. It enables you to take advantage of new technologies. Getting in touch is a lot easier than it used to be. Obviously, you don’t have to sit and handwrite letters to everyone you know anymore. Sure, some people still choose to do that with Christmas cards. It adds to the personal touches placed on the gestures of reaching out. But, today, you have the options of email and social media to get in touch with the people who matter most to your business.

At MeloTel, we provide our customers with various “getting in touch” options. Our Commercial Phone Services make it easy to stay in constant communication with clients from all over the world. They offer unlimited calling to more than 22 countries! As well, our services also incorporate ways to make it easy for your clients to get in touch with you. Being accessible, in today’s world, is a big part of being successful.

Our Single Number Reach feature enables you to give out one phone number that will ring up to five different devices simultaneously. That way, no matter where you are, or what device you happen to be near, you’ll never miss another important call again! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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