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3 Reasons Customer Service Matters So Much

At MeloTel, we are very proud of the fact that we provide small business owners all throughout Canada with the best telecom services money can buy. A bold statement, yes. But when we truly analyze the quality of our features and the relatively low prices we offer them for, we’re confident that our brand can’t be beat! But to be honest, our confidence in the value that MeloTel offers extends far beyond our services and rates.

To us, it’s all about customer service. There’s a big reason that MeloTel has so often been labelled a “people’s company” by those who have encountered its customer service regimen. By putting our customers first, we foster a culture that promotes enjoyable interactions. All of our staff members are on board. That is why the awesome MeloTel Team functions a lot more like a family than a group of employees. It’s because we all care.

Here are three reasons we feel customer service matters so much:

1. It secures customer loyalty. It’s not lost on us that MeloTel is not a major corporation. We value our customer relationships because we know that we have less of them than the big-named companies whose advertisements are on television every day. We know that the success of our brand lies in the fact that we give direct and personal service to each and every one of our clients. It’s important for us to secure those relationships for the long haul.

When customers know that you genuinely care about them, they won’t be likely to switch brands. By working with MeloTel, our clients get first-name basis type service. They’re not just numbers that have to wait in a long queue when they call us in order to speak to some random customer service rep. MeloTel’s customers know our company President, John Meloche on a first-name basis. The family atmosphere is a big difference between our brand and others.

2. It encourages referrals. We know, better than anyone, that there is no better way to promote your brand than to have your happy customers do it for you. There is nothing that thrills us more, in fact, than when we are called by an interested party who was referred to us by one of our satisfied customers. It represents clear proof that we are doing our jobs as excellently as we intended. All of our clients deserve the best.

We have to admit that we’re pretty happy that a number of referrals have come our way since we introduced our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Naturally, it pleases our clients to know that we want to hear their thoughts about how we handled their questions. But it also excites them to know that they have the opportunity to win $100.00 each month! If you haven’t filled out our survey this month, please feel free to do so today!

3. It builds long-lasting relationships. As we alluded to earlier, running a smaller-sized business enables us to develop genuine relationships with the people we do business with. As a result, loyalty is generated. But, just as importantly, it gives us great pleasure in developing bonds with many innovative entrepreneurs all throughout Canada. Our experiences have brought us friendships with business owners of all types from all points on the map.

It’s especially cool to know that what we provide allows for Canadian businesses from the east coast to the west coast to grow within their respective industries. And we’re happy to know that our strong customer service regimen has fostered these great relationships. Naturally, we’d like to develop a new relationship with your business. For information on any and all of MeloTel’s services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!