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Why You Should Make Blogging On The First Of The Month A Must

It’s the first of the month! In the blogging world, the first of any month is a pretty important day. This is because a blog posted on the first of the month gives your website the impression of “freshness”. Believe it or not, website visitors place a lot of importance on how updated your website looks – or doesn’t look. Today, a blog post falling on a July date looks “old” – even if it was posted yesterday!

Don’t shoot the messenger! We’ve long lived in a “What have you done for me lately?” type of society. However, the advent of the internet and all those social media platforms has made it so that people expect to receive new information virtually every second. We can all go online each and every day – scratch that, each and every hour – to receive the latest news and updates about just about anything going on in the world.

So consider how it makes your company website look when the last update it made was over a week or a month ago. This is why, at MeloTel, we highly recommend regularly blogging. Not only do blogs help to provide your company website with higher rankings in Google searches, it also helps to greatly impress visitors to your site.

We recommend no less than one blog per week.

Of course, the MeloTel blog is updated almost daily and many of our blogging clients choose to update their blogs at least two to three times a week. This abundance of content keeps the websites incredibly fresh, never giving any visitor an opportunity to assume that the businesses have nothing new to offer.

Just imagine visiting a news website and not finding any current news. What would you think if the last news story was posted a day or two ago? You’d likely receive the same impression if you were to turn on the television, watch the news and be delivered stories that took place days ago. Believe it or not, this is how many of your website’s visitors think. They need the latest news!

What makes blogging on the first of the month so important?

Let’s say you choose to only blog monthly. Although this isn’t a frequency we’d recommend, we would highly suggest that a blog that updates monthly post on the first. That way, if someone visits the site on the last week of the month, he/she will still be able to read content from that very month. It provides your blog with as “recent” a feel as possible given the limited its updates.

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