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Why You Should Freshen Up Your Website This Fall

We hate to say it. But today is the last day of August. Tomorrow, the Labour Day long weekend begins and when it’s over, the start of a new school year will be underway. In other words, summertime is about to end! We may have until the 22nd of September before the fall season officially gets underway, but for all intents and purposes, we’re about to embark on our last weekend of the summer.

The transition from summer to fall is a pretty significant one. In addition to the return of students to the classrooms, there will be a noticeable dip in temperatures for most of North America over the course of the next several weeks. In many places, the leaves will begin to change colour and the days will see less sunlight.

So what do all these changes mean for your business?

It’s likely that you may see a dip in foot traffic in your brick and mortar store location. It’s no secret that warm weather brings more people out of their homes and into your shops. Cooler weather gives consumers more reasons to stay at home. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be shopping. Online shopping – as you’re very likely aware – picks up pretty heavily during the latter part of the year.

It’s important, therefore, for you to pay particularly close attention to the way in which your company website is performing. Is it welcoming a growing number of visitors? Does it allow for customers to make purchases directly from it? Are people navigating throughout or leaving fairly quickly? Answering all of the above questions in the positive will have a lot to do with how aesthetically pleasing your website is.

“Are your site visitors looking for functionality?”

This is a question asked by Jayson DeMers on, “Surely they are, but they’re also looking for a landing page that’s attractive and aesthetically pleasing,” he writes, “A major part of ending high bounce rates is learning how to use the available web design tools and features selectively.”

DeMers clarifies that a website’s bounce rate refers to the percentage of its visitors that leave the site after viewing just one page. Keeping your site’s bounce rate low will involve updating its graphics and images to make it look more inviting.

Make it mobile friendly.

It’s no secret that smartphones are widely used to surf the internet. You can bet that the majority of consumers who may be interested in what your business has to offer are smartphone users. That means they are browsing through different sites, comparing prices and reading online customer reviews before making any buying decisions. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will significantly hurt your business’ opportunities to grow this fall.

“We live in a mobile world, and users expect websites to function on all of their devices,” states, “They aren’t incentivized to stick with a mobile site that’s frustrating to use, when they can very easily find another company whose website is optimized for their device. Embracing responsive web design for your company website ensures that users have an optimal experience on any device – resulting in satisfied customers, an enhanced reputation, and increased sales.”

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