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Why Texting Is A Great Way To Grow Your Brand

We all do it. Each and every day, the vast majority of us send text messages to friends, family members and colleagues. But do you text your business associates, clients and suppliers as well? You should! Texting, in case you couldn’t already tell from the title of today’s blog, is a great way to grow your brand! Let’s explore how.

Texting adds a personal touch to your advertising.

With a text, you’re able to make a personal connection. It is unlike an intrusive television commercial or radio spot that can easily be ignored. Text messaging allows you to directly communicate your message with members of your target audience. You can create a campaign specifically for the recipients of your message so you know that your marketing is being taken seriously.

Texting is big with millennials.

Text messaging isn’t exactly brand new technology. However, the younger generation is all over it. In fact, research has shown that millennials prefer texting over any other form of communication. A young person with a smartphone is a lot more likely to send and receive texts than he/she is to make and take phone calls. Texting your brand messaging is a great way to reach a young audience.

Texting promotes word of mouth promotion.

Can a text go viral? We suppose if you make it interesting enough, it will get shared. Why not try a campaign that encourages your message recipients to forward your texts? Consider giving out special perks and/or rewards to customers who refer you. This will entice your subscribers to spread the word about your latest campaign.

Texting can be done from anywhere.

Naturally, you don’t need to sit at desktop computer in order to send a text. As a result, this form of advertising is one that can be done from anywhere in the world. As long as you have your smartphone handy, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of consumers at once. Just a few button taps from any location you wish is all you need to launch a text-based advertising strategy.

Text messages reach more eyes than emails.

When you send a text, you create an immediate reaction in the mobile device used by its recipient. With either a buzz or audio notification or combination of both, a phone will immediately alert a recipient of your message. Naturally, this causes people who receive messages to instantly look at their phones. Texting is such a great marketing tool because it generates such high open rates and quick responses.

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