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Why Does Your Company Website Need A Blog?

In the year 2016 (not far from 2017 now!), content marketing is a huge part of building a company’s reputation. Allow us to reiterate a point made many times before on our blog. It’s vital that a small business (a business of any size really) has a strong online presence. Without being impressively represented on the internet, it gives the impression that your company may not even be operational.

So how does blogging strengthen your online presence? Your blog is your company’s voice. Firstly, it helps to develop better communication between your brand and interested members of the buying public. Your blog provides information while also being entertaining enough to encourage repeat traffic to your website. And let’s not forget that blogs help to increase your visibility in search engines.

It’s no secret (at least it shouldn’t be) to anyone that Google looks favourably upon business websites that update with new content on a regular basis. Without regularly updated blogs, a website appears stagnant and outdated. It gives people very little reason to keep visiting and it gives Google very little reason to rank your website high in searches relative to the industry it represents.

How does MeloTel utilize its blog to increase web traffic? At MeloTel, we practice what we preach. We post a new blog to our website three times a week – sometimes more. We also ensure that links to our latest blogs are posted on all of our social media accounts. That includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That way, we automatically create constant reminders that our website has been updated and deserves more visits.

Naturally, the more often our website is visited, the more likely we will be to convert visitors into buying customers. You see, blogs are a form of advertising. Hence, the term “content marketing”. The more content on our site, the more relevant our brand becomes. Blogs, of course, are more than welcoming mats to our website. They are informative, well-written and often-entertaining articles that serve to entice regular readership.

How can MeloTel entice your customers to visit your website more often? MeloTel’s fantastic group of Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire is made up of the most talented writers in our country! Comprised of individuals with backgrounds in English, Mass Communications, music, film, sports, marketing and promotions, our team is very skillful at writing on a variety of topics. They are also very dependable and diligent about posting blogs for their clients in very timely manners.

How often can our bloggers blog for you? To be honest, that is completely up to you! Our team has been known to blog as frequently as every day to just once a week. Our recommendation, of course, is to have a regular schedule so that your readers can be assured of new content on days when they expect it. Our team can also update your social media accounts with blurbs and links to your blogs to provide maximum benefits!

For more information about our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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