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What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home?

At first glance, the answer to the question posed by today’s blog title may appear obvious. “There are tons of benefits!” you may be thinking, “Who wouldn’t want to work from home?” However, there are many business owners and loyal employees alike who enjoy their opportunities to leave their homes every day to come into work.

Places of business provide reprieves from home life, which can often be hectic. A change of pace is good, as far as many people are concerned. Of course, there are those who see things completely differently. Coming into work makes it difficult to maintain a good work/life balance. It can also be quite stressful trying to beat traffic every morning. This is why, at MeloTel, we believe in offering workers opportunities to take their pick.

Make the switch to VoIP!

Our cloud-based Commercial Phone Services need nothing more than an internet connection and a receiver in order to make and take calls. That means that all employees of a company can be reached using the same business phone number no matter their locations. As long as they have their own extensions set up, each employee can be contacted by phone as if they were all sitting beside each other in the same office.

This enables employees of a business to work from home without any customers being the wiser. And, as we’ve already noted, there are numerous benefits to working from home. According to Kevin Kruse on, a survey summarized in the Microsoft whitepaper, Work without Walls, indicates the top ten benefits of working from home from the employee viewpoint.

What are the top ten benefits of working from home?

Topping the list with 60 percent of the vote is working from home provides better work/home balance. 55 percent of respondents placed saving gas at number two while avoiding traffic rounded out the top three at 47 percent.

Completing the top ten benefits of working from home are being more productive (45 percent), having less distractions (44 percent), eliminating long commutes (44 percent), having a quieter atmosphere (43 percent), being in a less stressful environment (38 percent), having more time with family (29 percent) and it being  environmentally friendly (23 percent).

There are also health benefits to working from home.

In addition to working in a less stressful environment, working from home enables you to use the washroom as you please. Yes, this actually matters to many people! In working environments where one must wait until break time to use the washroom, a myriad of health-related issues can ensue. They may be too embarrassing to discuss, so most employees keep quiet about them. Furthermore, working from home allows people to eat a lot healthier.

“People who work from home have an easier time eating healthy and striking a manageable work-life balance,” writes Sarah White on, “Eating healthier and having more time to spend with your family can help you feel less stressed, which will make for a happier more productive workday.  A 2011 study from Staples found that employees who worked from home experienced 25 percent less stress.”

Is it time for you to start working from home?

Contact MeloTel to find out how making the switch to our cloud-based Commercial Phone Services can make it a possibility for you and the members of your team. Call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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