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What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

In today’s world, a business website is often the first place a person will look to learn more about a company. With that being the case, it can be argued that a company’s website is its most important representation. How a website looks says a lot about a business and can make or break the impressions that people have of it. Are you confident with the impressions of your brand that are being given by your company website? What does it say about your business?

Your brand is either current or outdated. As soon as someone logs on to your website, he/she will be able to tell if you are up with the times or not. Do you still have a flash intro? Is it not compatible with mobile devices? Is the last blog post from over a month ago? Does it not even have a blog? An outdated website is as good as a dilapidated storefront with a “closed” sign in front of it. It’s as good as saying your business isn’t functioning.

Meanwhile, if your site is easy to navigate, vibrant and sleekly designed, it will give off the impression that you’re hip to the modern business marketing game. Does it include easy-to-locate tabs? Does it have up-to-date photos and product information? Is the blog regularly updated? Is there a “live chat” feature available? Presenting all of the elements of a well-maintained website is as good as a freshly renovated storefront. It screams “things are going well! Work with us!”

Your brand is either helpful or difficult to work with. Many website visitors are internet surfers who are looking for information. With so many online destinations to choose from, they don’t want to be sitting on your website for too long searching for the information they need. Your site should be easy enough to use that visitors can easily locate your Contact page so that they can get in touch with you directly. A “Frequently Asked Questions” section is also helpful.

Visitors should be able to read up on your products and services by being given access to easy-to-find product page links. Photos and pricing should be available, where necessary, to give online browsers something to work with. Your website’s visitors will often compare your brand to the others by way of comparing your websites. If it is easier to get the information they’re looking for on your site, you better your chances of them making purchases from you.

Your brand is either approachable or cold. Your website should be able to communicate the “voice” of your brand. Does it use plain and boring business jargon or is the language friendly and inviting? This is one of the major reasons that regular blog posting is so effective in today’s business world. Blogs speak to readers in more “human” ways than the standard product or company description.

Blogs are ways of engaging with readers to deliver a message about your company’s “personality”. Your brand’s personality should also be communicated in the images found on the site. On MeloTel’s home page, we’ve decided to include a picture of our team – all smiles! It’s important for us to communicate that we’re as friendly as we are knowledgeable about our industry. Our website has always helped us to do that.

Of course, MeloTel can help for your company website to highlight the greatness of your brand as well. Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website to ask us about our affordable Website Maintenance Services as well as our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire. It’s our job to make sure that when your customers visit your website, they love what it says about your business!

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