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How Subtle Changes To Your Website Can Provide Big Benefits

In today’s blog, we offer you something from the pages of “practicing what you preach”. Just last week and only a few blogs ago, we revisited the concept of keeping your company website freshly “tuned up”. We listed such traits as being mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and regularly updated with fresh content as must-haves for any site. So, as mentioned, we decided to take a page out of our own book and spruce our blog section up a little bit.

Have you noticed any changes?

They’re subtle. And, sometimes, it’s the smallest of changes that make the biggest of impacts. In case you’re wondering, we simply updated our blog layout. It’s not a major change, but one that we thought would be effective. We’ve moved our blog titles so that they’re located above the main photo. For some time, the blog title appeared underneath the image. We believe it’s important for the title to receive top billing.

We’ve also better utilized the colour scheme that is prevalent throughout the MeloTel website. Blue and orange are essentially the official colours of the MeloTel “uniform”, if you will. So, we thought it made sense to strengthen our brand image by having our blog title appear in blue while the date of the blog is now highlighted in orange.

You’ll notice that other important information such as the blog’s author name and the keywords used for our tags also sharing the blue and orange colour scheme.

What is the main objective of updating a blog section’s design?

The importance of presenting content in an eye-catching manner cannot be understated. It only makes sense to make the various pages of your website visually appealing. Especially in today’s world where so many people have short attention spans, it’s important to do what it takes to grab attention. Studies show that people become more engaged when content is nice to look at.

As Erik Devaney reveals on, an Adobe study found that “given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain” and “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.”

Website updates show that your company is active.

We’ve made this point a number of times in the past. And it bears repeating. These days, consumers regularly visit company websites to get feels for what those companies are up to. A website that goes weeks or even days without updating gives the impression that nothing is happening with the company. Even the most subtle of updates, such as our new blog layout, communicates that a company is active and functioning successfully.

“Redesigning your blog means a lot more than simply ‘keeping up with the blogging Joneses’ or wanting your brand to be perceived as buzzworthy,” insists Deborah Sweeney on, “It shows your readers that you’re not stagnating – if anything, you’re more active and engaged with your audience and their needs than ever before.”

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