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Single Number Reach Revolutionizes The Way You Do Business!

At MeloTel, we’re very proud of the fact that there is a growing number of business owners from all over North America who entrust us as their telecom service provider. We believe that the reason our customer base continues to grow is our healthy combination of unbeatable customer service and incomparable cloud-hosted services. As you can imagine, we could go on and on about how beneficial our services are for small and medium-sized businesses. But there’s one, in particular, we’d like to highlight today.

Single Number Reach is a game changer!

Both readers of the MeloTel Blog and MeloTel clients alike are no strangers to Single Number Reach. This incredible feature enables you to forward your business phone number to up to five different devices of your choice. That way, it’s virtually impossible to ever miss another important call. When your number is called, all five devices ring at the same time!

This makes it so that you can conduct business over the phone anywhere in the world just as easily as if you were in your office. With Single Number Reach, you can stop giving out your personal cell phone number to clients who may wish to contact you after normal business hours. Quite frankly, we feel that it’s a calling feature that business owners on-the-go simply can’t go without.

Bell Canada is discontinuing its Single Number Reach service.

We have noticed that, in recent weeks, there has been a significant increase in business owners calling MeloTel to inquire about our Single Number Reach service. Apparently, Bell Canada will no longer offer the service. And we can’t imagine why! We’re certainly not complaining though. We’re more than happy to welcome the influx of customers who are part of the mass exodus from Bell Canada.

We’re surprised that any telecom company would give up such an innovative and increasingly necessary calling service. For many years, the MeloTel team has heard stories from its clients about how beneficial Single Number Reach has been for them. In many cases, the service has been praised for helping business owners revive their fledgling businesses thanks to its ability to significantly improve customer satisfaction. And now we’ve made it even easier to use!

You can make outgoing calls using our SIP Cloud Softphone for Android and iPhone.

As part of MeloTel’s Single Number Reach service, you get to use a Cloud Softphone app that functions as a SIP-based phone. It uses either a Wi-Fi or LTE cellular data network connection to make and receive phone calls on your MeloTel account. That means you never have to use your cellular minutes!

With the SIP Cloud Softphone, you can contact your clients, colleagues and co-workers on any device you wish, no matter where you may be. Once hooked into your MeloTel phone system, you will be able to start making calls using your company caller ID.

Sign up today!

If you have any questions about MeloTel’s Single Number Reach solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-888-MELOTEL or by using the Live Chat feature on the MeloTel website!

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