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Start Your Blog By Completing Our New Blogging Client Questionnaire!

Are you interested in starting a blog on your company website? We’ve been blogging for years! And, as you may be aware, we don’t just blog for our own website – we blog for company websites all over North America. Our talented Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have an excellent track record with a long list of clients who trust them to keep their websites updated on a regular basis.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for new clients to begin the process of having our writers compose blogs for them. See for yourself. Just take our New Blogging Client Questionnaire! Even though it is a 17-step process, the questionnaire actually only takes a few minutes for you to fill out. Once you’re done, our team of writers will have the perfect handle on how to compose blogs that will drive traffic from members of your target audience to your website!

The first page simply asks you to fill out your name and company name. The second requests your email address, phone number and website. The third asks you to fill out your company address. Step 4 requests an upload of your brand logo. Believe it or not, this actually helps us to get better insight into your brand imaging. Blogging is very much a part of your brand’s image. It’s the “voice” that represents your company.

Each of the following steps is made up of a specific question that gives our bloggers the opportunity to learn more about your business and the type of audience its blogs would target. Part of landing on the “voice” for your blogs is an understanding of who we’re talking to. In some cases, blogs are meant to be light and conversational. In others, they are more direct and professionally-worded. It all depends on the type of reader you’re trying to attract.

The questionnaire also inquires about the types of blogs you may already be reading and asks you to check off the blog types that you think would best suit your company’s needs. For example, there are “Lists” which are easy-to-digest tips and advice pieces. For example, “5 Ways To Provide The Ultimate Customer Experience”. There are “News” pieces which summarize current event stories that are relevant to your industry.

There are “Anecdotes” which are first-person narratives that reveal your experiences and/or expertise in your field. And then there are also “Commercial” blogs which focus on your brand-specific products and services. Of course, there are various ways to mix up the content. Our team of bloggers wishes to ensure that the content that is added to your site is as informative as it is intriguing. That way, you can gain a steadily-growing readership.

The questionnaire will also ask you how many blogs you’d like to have posted to your website each week. You’ll notice that we enjoy keeping the MeloTel Blog freshly updated with at least three blogs every week. Some clients choose to update their websites daily while others prefer a once-a-week schedule. The frequency of your blog posts is totally up to you!

Finally, our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire also offer social media engagement as part of their services. We highly recommend that you keep your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn especially – updated with posts that include links to each of your blogs. This significantly helps to grow your reach online. But, if this sounds like a lot of work (because it is) – leave it to our team to handle for you!

Go ahead and fill out our New Blogging Client Questionnaire today! If you require any additional information about our blogging services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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