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Short And Sweet, Then Repeat: Growing Your Website’s Success

How often have you visited a website only to click off of it within seconds? What was the reason for such a short stay? For many people, the reason is the long and drawn-out text that simply looks too long and boring to read. It’s important to keep in mind that short attention spans are the norm in 2019. If your website reads like a novel, it’s not bound to get much traffic or maintain long visits from those who do check it out.

Short and sweet is the way to work it.

Most consumers and internet users alike want web material to get to the point. That way, people with limited time can quickly grab the information they need to make their buying decisions. Images come in super handy here. If you can show your website’s visitors crystal clear photos of your items, it will work many more wonders than lengthy product descriptions.

This isn’t to say that product descriptions are unnecessary. But again, making them short and sweet is the key. On, Darling Jimenez explains that no matter how complex or interesting a business is, its website visitors will rarely want to spend hours staring at long paragraphs and explanations of products and services.

“Find shorter – and better yet, visual – ways to describe what you do and how you help your customers,” she encourages, “Lists, headings, and structured pages work well. Go light on text! Map out the path your buyer persona will take through your website and make the journey easy.”

Regularity is vital.

How do you know if your website is producing high-quality content? Generally, it’s because your visitors keep coming back for more. And there’s no question that website visitors won’t keep coming back if there’s nothing new to come back to. No matter how intriguing your website content is, it must be updated on a regular basis.

“How often do you update your website?” asks, “If you haven’t touched it since the day you built it, you probably don’t have a great SEO ranking right now. To drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back.”

Increase your dwell time.

As explains, “dwell time” refers to the amount of time people spend on your website with every visit. “If your site has fresh, exciting, or newsworthy information, it will keep visitors on your page longer and improve your dwell time,” says the site, “Websites that provide highly informative content typically have long dwell times.”

If you haven’t updated your website in some time, it’s definitely time to spruce it up. At MeloTel, we offer Website Maintenance Services by a highly-skilled, competent and dedicated staff. We strive to offer exceptional service in an expeditious time frame, while providing the personal attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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