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Save 50% On Single Number Reach On Your First Month’s Bill!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty proud of our unique Single Number Reach service. The amazing feature works as a virtual phone number that allows you to forward your local business phone number to up to five different numbers of your choice. That means that when the one local phone number is called, up to five different devices will ring simultaneously. Single Number Reach ensures that you’ll never miss another important phone call again!

How well loved is Single Number Reach? Two years ago, Charles Samuel of listed MeloTel among his “Top 10 Industry Rising Stars Of 2014”. Among the reasons he was so impressed by our company was the fact that we offered the inventive Single Number Reach service. We were quite proud to read his very kind words about this feature and our business. Here…read them for yourself:

“Canada’s MeloTel does, admittedly, do much more than offer cloud-based VoIP services,” explains Samuel, “It is a one stop shop geared towards SMBs, with services ranging from web design and business logo design to full-fledged telecommunications resources. If the versatility isn’t convincing, MeloTel also offers an impressive ‘Single Number Reach’ service. In the off chance that you aren’t available to answer any of the 6 simultaneously ringing lines, voicemails are emailed to you as high-quality WAV files.”

What other benefits does Single Number Reach offer? Well, as Samuel points out, it comes with the fantastic Voicemail To Your Email service. Although it used to provide WAV files, the feature now sends mp3s directly to your email inbox whenever voicemails are left for you. The sound quality is just as good, but it takes up a lot less space. The service works wonders in allowing busy business owners to keep track of their missed calls.

As mentioned earlier, however, Single Number Reach does make it hard to miss important phone calls. By forwarding your business number to up to five different numbers, you significantly increase your accessibility. And this makes customers very happy! No matter if you are at home, in the office, using your mobile at a restaurant or out of town visiting family, you can be assured that Single Number Reach will keep your business functioning in the eyes of your clients.

Why is it a good time to sign up for Single Number Reach today? Well, if the title of today’s blog wasn’t a good enough clue, allow us to reiterate that you can save 50% on Single Number Reach on your first month’s bill! Considering that the service is already affordably priced at $26 CDN a month, that’s only $13 for your first month! If there ever was a good time to give this great service a try, it’s now!

To clarify what you’ll get by signing up for Single Number Reach, it comes with unlimited phone calls to your single local number. This includes setting the one local phone number up and having it ring up to five different phone numbers simultaneously anywhere in North America. Remember, you’ll also get voicemails sent to your email as mp3 files. Caller ID is also part of the package!

To sign up for Single Number Reach today, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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