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5 Ideas About VoIP That Are Simply Unfounded

For many North American business owners, VoIP is still a relatively new concept. “Voice over Internet Protocol”, in fact, can be a mouthful for many who don’t quite consider themselves all that tech-savvy. The truth is, however, you really don’t have to be all that tech-savvy in order to take advantage of VoIP telephony. The idea that VoIP is a complicated new technology is simply a myth. In fact, there are many ideas about VoIP that are simply unfounded.

Here are five:

1. It must be expensive. In fact, the complete opposite is true! MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services provide our clients with crystal clear communication to more than 22 countries without the burden of receiving high long distance bills. In fact, VoIP makes long distance bills things of the past! By using the internet instead of traditional landlines to connect calls, VoIP customers enjoy far less expensive phone bills each month.

2. The sound quality must be poorer. Keep in mind that VoIP functions via your internet coverage. If you have a high-speed internet connection that provides adequate monthly bandwidth, you’ll enjoy crystal clear calling. Traditional landlines, on the other hand, experience a lot of sound quality issues that haven’t improved much over the years. VoIP, meanwhile, has the ability to provide high quality audio as long the internet coverage is strong.

3. It’s difficult to install. This is certainly not true. In fact, VoIP-based telephone systems require much less hardware than traditional phone lines. Often, all that is needed is a headset and an internet connection. Offices that adopt VoIP technology often find themselves looking a lot neater without all of the excessive wiring that landlines require. Installation procedures are commonly very quick and easy to do.

4. Hardware upgrades are hard to get. The complete opposite is true in this case, as well. Because of the flexibility that VoIP provides, upgrading hardware is as easy as switching out one headset for another. As mentioned, VoIP telephone systems require far less equipment than your traditional landlines. Some entrepreneurs use nothing more than their laptop computers to make and take their calls.

5. It’s pretty much the same thing as having a landline. Hopefully, by now, you know that this simply couldn’t be further from the truth. VoIP technology provides its users with a wide array of features that were never before available. Some of our favourites, here at MeloTel, are Voicemail To Your Email, Incoming Call Routing, Conference Calling and Single Number Reach.

As well, perhaps the most significant difference between VoIP and landlines is found in its portability. Business owners can be on business trips with their laptops, simply find an internet connection and plug in their headsets to begin making and taking calls just as easy as they could if they were in their home offices. This wonderful benefit of VoIP technology makes it completely unlike landlines which insist upon having telephones set up in stationary locations.

For more information about MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services and its many amazing features, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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