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Why You Want To Make Sure To Regularly Update Your Website

While the following statement may go without saying to most modern-day entrepreneurs, we’re going to go ahead and say it anyway: You need to update your company website on a regular basis! It’s 2018 people. If you haven’t yet figured out that the worldwide web is a top-of-the-list choice for most consumers when it comes to locating businesses, you certainly haven’t been paying attention.

Allow us to reiterate that it’s simply not enough to have a company website. Keeping it updated is every bit as important as keeping your physical place of business in tip-top shape. After all, your site is most likely to be the way that most of the people in your target audience are introduced to your brand. How do its graphics look? Is it easy to navigate? When was your last blog post? These are some of the things your visitors will be asking when on your website.

What are the main benefits of keeping your website regularly updated?

One of the main benefits of regular updates is that they keep your site high in search engine rankings. Search engines pay much closer attention to websites that have frequently updated content. Every time your website is updated, it gives search engines more reasons to give it a higher SEO ranking. Do you want web users to locate your website when researching keywords that are relative to your industry? Of course, you do. So update your site often!

You also want your previous visitors to return, don’t you? What would encourage your website’s visitors to return if every time they visit, the site looks exactly the same? By continually offering your visitors new content, you entice them to keep checking your website out. This is what makes a blog so important. Blogs are the easiest way to ensure that your site is constantly changing.

How effective are blogs in securing return visits?

We’d like to argue that a blog section just may be the most important element of your company website. With each new blog post, your website doesn’t just offer new content – it becomes more of an excellent information source for web users. Blogs help you to display your knowledge and expertise. They can offer insight that effectively becomes a form of customer service. But blogs also give your brand a “voice”.

Blogs are meant to be written in a more of a conversational tone than the average article. With added bits of humour and affability, your blog posts can serve as examples of the type of customer-friendly business you run.

How can MeloTel help you to keep your website regularly updated?

MeloTel provides a variety of Website Maintenance Services by a highly-skilled, competent and dedicated staff. We strive to offer exceptional service in an expeditious time frame, while providing the personal attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house web designer/developer.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website! And be sure to ask us about our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire!

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