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Making Unbeatable Customer Service Your Top Priority

On January 4, 2020, MeloTel will celebrate its 11th anniversary as a company. While not as highly-touted as an anniversary with a zero or a five at the end of it, the new milestone is one our entire team is very proud of. It’s an obvious sign that our brand of cloud-hosted telecommunications services and friendly customer service has been a winning combination for more than a decade.

We’re not afraid to say that we know it’s the latter that has truly helped to set our brand apart. Yes, we’re very confident in the high quality of our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. Over a decade of experience has proven to us that they can significantly improve the way in which business is conducted over the phone. We have numerous clients across North America who will attest to that. But we’re known for something else.

It’s our customer service that sets us apart.

We know the importance of treating people like people. Our team members carry out such acts as remembering customers by name and personalizing their service so that their unique, specific and individual needs are always met. At the end of the day, it’s the way we make our customers feel that keeps them coming back. highlights the fact that customers reward good service, citing a survey that found that seven out of 10 U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service. The same survey found that consumers are willing to spend 17% more on those businesses.

It’s easier to keep happy customers than to recruit new ones.

By making unbeatable customer service your top priority, you will successfully secure long-term support. There’s no business like repeat business. And, as mentioned, great experiences are what bring customers back. On, Swetha Amaresan reveals that by working to make current customers happy, a business owner can greatly improve his/her bottom line.

“An increase in customer retention of merely 5% can equate to an increase in profit of at least 25%,” she reports, “This is because repeat customers are more likely to spend more with your brand — 67% more, to be exact — which then results in your business having to spend less on operating costs.”

Happy customers are your best advertisers.

Don’t assume that your happy customers won’t eventually bring you new customers. When it comes to marketing, nothing trumps word-of-mouth marketing. The happier you make your customers. The more likely they will be to spread the good word to their friends and family members.

Amaresan reveals that a HubSpot study found that “77% of customers have shared positive brand experiences with others. Think about it: if you have a stunning experience with a brand, you’re probably going to rave about it to your friends over dinner later that night. It’s natural; you want your close ones to commit to a brand that you trust.”

Are you a satisfied MeloTel customer?

We don’t want to make any assumptions. We’d love to hear about your experiences with us and if there are any ways you feel they can be improved. Please don’t hesitate to fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey to let us know!

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