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Last Chance To Enter Our Latest Facebook Contest!

If you haven’t yet entered MeloTel’s latest Facebook contest, today marks your last chance to do so! Over the past month, we’ve been promoting the biggest contest in our company’s history. This weekend, we’ll be giving away a grand total of $200 to a lucky group of five people. There is no purchase or commitment of any kind required by those who enter. So, just in case you’re yet unaware of how easy it is to win the prize money, read on!

Entering our contest couldn’t be any easier!

All you need is a Facebook account and some friends. Simply visit the MeloTel Facebook page and “like” it. Then tag four of your friends in the comment section below the post about the contest. Finally, just make sure that all of the friends you tag also “like” the MeloTel Facebook page. It’s important that all entrants into the contest like the page in order for you all to be eligible to win the cash.

That’s literally all there is to it! Once you’ve completed those three easy steps, you’ll be eligible to win the $200 cash prize. The winnings will be split five ways with the comment poster receiving $100 and each of the four tagged friends getting $25. How could it get any easier to win some money?

The contest closes tomorrow morning, precisely at 8:00 a.m. EST.

Be sure to enter our contest right away, because you won’t get another chance after today. Tomorrow morning, the comment section of our Facebook contest post will be closed and the MeloTel team will begin confirming that all of the contest entrants are eligible to win the prize money. Again, just make sure everyone tagged likes the MeloTel page!

We will be announcing the winner of the contest during a live Facebook Stream this Saturday, September 21st at 11 a.m. EST. Be sure to tune in! The names of all eligible contestants will be placed into a hat. We will then draw the names of the winners out of that hat and announce who they are during the live stream. The prize money will be sent to each winner via either Interac e-transfer or PayPal.

All participants must be in either Canada or the United States.

By the way, once you’ve entered the contest, be sure to let everyone you tagged know that they can enter the contest themselves. You may only enter as the main comment poster once. But each tagged person can also leave a comment of their own tagging four unique friends. So, technically, you have more than one opportunity to win the prize money!

If you don’t win this contest, don’t worry – we plan on launching more contests in the future. We’ve had a lot of fun with our Facebook contests. And, as Ashfar Hisham confirms on SEOPressor.com, hosting social media contests is great for business.

“Even if the contest doesn’t result in a large number of immediate conversions, the constant appearance of your brand in social media feeds can impact how people think about the related product or service—next time they are in need, your brand comes to mind,” he writes, “Increase your exposure rate by offering daily entries in the contest , which encourages consumers to share repeatedly.”

Enter MeloTel’s latest Facebook contest HERE! Good luck!

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