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3 Signs Your Customer Service Style Is A Cut Above The Rest

So, you fancy yourself an excellent customer service provider, do you? Well, that’s great! Here’s hoping your customers always enjoy their experiences interacting with you and the members of your staff. However, if you’re noticing that you’ve been getting more complaints than compliments, as of late, it may be time to adjust your company’s approach to customer service.

Then again, maybe your customer service is unbeatable! How can you tell? Here are three signs your customer service style is a cut above the rest:

1. Your provide customer service through various channels.

Are your customers only able to contact your customer service representatives on the phone between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? If so, that’s not going to do much for your company’s reputation. It’s 2019. These days, consumers need to be able to reach out and get help using the communication method of their choice. Email, website live chat, social media accounts – these are all channels that companies should use to provide customer service.

“You cannot wait for customers to come to you,” insists Jerome Collomb on, “Your goal should be to go and find customers and identify everything you can do to improve their experience with your brands, products or services. This can include creating profiles on social networks that will allow you to reach the customer via all channels.”

2. Your agents are never above apologizing.

Nobody’s perfect. Your customers know that. It’s important that you know that as well. Mistakes happen. But it looks a lot worse on your company when you don’t own up to the mistakes you’ve made. A sincere apology followed up by a quick resolution process is a fantastic way to show customers that your customer service is a cut above the rest.

“When something goes wrong, apologize,” insists Susan A. Friedmann explains on, “It’s easy, and customers like it. The customer may not always be right, but the customer must always win. Deal with problems immediately and let customers know what you have done. Make it simple for customers to complain. Value their complaints. As much as we dislike it, it gives us an opportunity to improve.”

3. You make changes based on customer feedback.

We’d be hard pressed to list a better way to make customers fall in love with your brand. As we just mentioned, nobody’s perfect. And when your business acknowledges that by implementing changes based on the feedback provided by your customers, it makes you as close to being a perfect provider of customer service there is!

“Your customer service needs to transform into a ‘mini research agency’,” says Collomb, “By listening to customers’ opinions, keeping track of their feedback, and using it to change the way you operate, you can extract a lot of value. Customer service is both the receiver and speaker of the customer’s voice.”

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