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Introducing Monitor & Whisper Control Panel!

Hello call centre managers! We have some very exciting new for you! We know how hard it is to manage the many different employees who make up your call centre staff. We know that you have a lot of individuals who work various phone lines all at once. And we know that you can’t possibly assist each and every one of them with their customer service techniques while they’re on the phones. Or can you?

MeloTel is very excited to announce an incredible new service known as Monitor & Whisper Control Panel! It pretty much does what its name suggests. With this great service, call centre managers are able to monitor the calls of their employees and even whisper information to them that can be used during the call. Don’t worry – the person on the other end won’t be able to hear you passing along the instructions.

How cool is that? This amazing service is growing in popularity throughout the telecom industry because it has revolutionized the way call centre managers are able to assist their employees. No longer are they forced to wait until the ends of phone calls in order to listen to recordings. By then, it may be too late to save the prospective client in the event a problem has arisen. Now, when a call centre employee needs assistance on a call, it can be given right away!

We all know the importance of getting feedback in the workplace. The more employees are able to learn from their mistakes, the better they can be at their jobs. With Monitor & Whisper Control Panel, employees can actually avoid many of those mistakes to begin with! This feature gives you the ability to eavesdrop on your employees while they are on live calls. As a result, you significantly raise your chances of improving the overall performance of your team.

Monitor & Whisper Control Panel is incredibly easy to use! Using a web-based application, all you need to do is log into our interface and begin listening to your employees’ calls. All in the comfort of your own office and at your own desk, you can listen to calls and provide feedback in order to help your staff improve their ability to handle such things as customer complaints, product inquiries and company policies.

Here’s how it works:

MONITOR: This feature enables you to listen to both of the parties on the call undetected. By listening to the conversation as it happens, you can measure your employee’s performance on the spot. You’ll get a better understanding of how your agent sounds while on the phone, how he or she answers questions and whether or not your employee is following company protocol. And if you need to help your staff member out…

WHISPER: This feature allows you to subtly drop-in on the phone call to coach your agent live and on the spot! It pretty much gives you the power to “whisper” suggestions so that he or she can better handle tougher parts of the exchange. As well, if necessary, you can jump right into the conversation. In the event of an interaction that requires a supervisor, you can “barge in” immediately to assist with the call.

The combination of the Monitor & Whisper features helps you resolve any issues that your phone rep may not be able to resolve alone. With Monitor & Whisper Control Panel, you stand to significantly improve customer satisfaction at your call centre. Of course, you don’t have to manage a call centre in order to take advantage of this service. Any company that utilizes the phone to do business – and that’s a lot of them – can benefit from this new feature.

For more information, call 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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