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Introducing Michael Paz!

At MeloTel, we have often referred to the members who make up our staff as part of “The MeloTel Family”. And as our family continues to grow, we couldn’t be keeping more true to that moniker. We’d like to invite you to join us in welcoming Michael Paz as the newest member of our family! And just in case the surname of our brand new Administrative Assistant sounds familiar, there is no reason for a double take. Michael is indeed the younger brother of MeloTel’s Vice President of Operations, Carlos Paz.

“Carlos used to change my diapers as a kid,” admits 18 year-old Michael, “Growing up, we did a bunch of things together like going biking, camping and even learning boxing.” Recreational activities are far from the only life experiences that big brother Carlos has shared with Michael. The younger Paz sibling admits that learning how to pay attention to detail and getting a firm grasp on how to exhibit professionalism have been other benefits to growing up as Carlos’ baby brother.

But what has Michael learned that can help him excel as a member of The MeloTel Team? “I’m a quick learner,” he asserts, “I’ve learned a lot through my many experiences in both school and being on the job.” At such a young age, Michael actually does boast quite the résumé already. A recent graduate of Winnipeg’s Technical Vocational High School, his electrical diploma underscores a skill set that is primed for the development of quite a career in the telecom industry.

In addition, with a number of years working in the sales of electronics such as televisions and car audio equipment, Michael possesses both a vast knowledge of the industry and an excellent grasp on customer service. “I’ve learned a lot about handling customer concerns by working alongside top sales people,” Michael reports, “I think it’s an important part of being a professional – knowing your stuff and how to please the people who are interested in it.”

With Michael’s current duties involving call management, his voice just may be the first one you hear when you call 1-888-MELOTEL. Be sure to share a few words with this up-and-coming talent. The self-professed jazz music fan with a special interest in the Wisconsin-based Youngblood Brass Band, Michael’s aspirations within The MeloTel Family are far-reaching. So what exactly does Michael have planned?

“I want to be a bigger part of MeloTel,” Michael confirms, “I look forward to gaining many years of experience. I think that my ability to learn quickly, retain information, and think outside- of-the-box will help me to come up with solutions that will get me further in this company.” It’s that outside-of-the-box thinking, by the way, that has truly sparked Michael’s interest in joining MeloTel. Working with big brother aside, MeloTel’s penchant for providing innovative services is something he loves being a part of.

“I really like that MeloTel has leading technology that is a big part of the future,” says Michael “I’m glad to be a part of that.” But what technologically-advanced feature offered by MeloTel is Michael’s favourite? “I do like Single Number Reach,” he informs us, “Especially for people who are running their own businesses. Entrepreneurs who are working for themselves can really benefit from this feature that makes sure they don’t miss calls no matter where they are. I don’t know that anyone else offers that. “

Only time will tell what innovative and outside-of-the-box ideas that the former high school football star will come up with. With both his wide range of talents and infectious positive attitude, Michael is primed to become a star in the telecom industry. Who knows? Could we be looking at the next boss when John Meloche calls it a career? “I see myself being a big part of the future of MeloTel,” says Michael Paz. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Welcome to the family Michael!