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5 Amazing Services That Give Your Brand A Voice

It’s a really exciting week, here at MeloTel! As of this past Monday, we officially moved into our brand new offices located just on the outskirts of north Toronto in Markham, Ontario. And while we’ll have more information about our new digs very soon, we can’t help but express how excited we are about the changes that we’ve made to our business in recent weeks. We’ve welcomed many new clients and even a new staff member to our ever-growing family!

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to our family. As a Canadian small business owner, you have the unique opportunity to promote your business in ways that larger corporations cannot. You may think that having a smaller budget than the “big boys” is a disadvantage. In actuality, your ability to communicate directly to your customers gives you the upper hand when it comes to securing loyal relationships. Here are five services offered by MeloTel that can give you that voice!

1. Short Message Services. Our SMS feature gives our clients that ability to “reach out and touch” thousands of their clients with the click of a button. It’s an excellent communication vehicle that allows you to send personal, non-intrusive messages to your mobile-subscribed clients in the form of time-sensitive alerts. Make your customers feel special by making them the first to get notifications about discounts and sales events. You can also offer mobile coupons and so much more!

2. Single Number Reach. Heralded by as one of our most impressive features, Single Number Reach ensures that you never miss another important phone call again. This feature is perfect for the small business owner on-the-go, as it allows you to forward your local number to up to five different phone numbers of your choice. No matter if you’re at home, in the office, in the car or out on the town, Single Number Reach makes sure you’re keeping in touch!

3. SHOUTcast Hosting. This has got to be one of the most exclusively unique features provided by MeloTel. It allows you to broadcast yourself as the host of your own online radio talk show! Talk about making a one-of-a-kind impression on your customers. This streaming service lets you to produce webcasts that have been proven to be excellent deliverers of traffic to your company website and physical business location.

4. Voice Talent Production. If your voice isn’t the one that you want to be broadcasting, then let our professional voice actors, singers, rappers and writers do the work for you! We provide everything from dry voice overs to catchy jingles complete with full musical production and sound effects. Create ads for the radio or even spruce up your voice greetings when people call your company. At MeloTel, we truly give your brand’s voice new life!

5. Bloggers For Hire. At MeloTel, we feel that our blogs helps to provide, arguably, our strongest voice. On a regular basis, we utilize our blog to communicate all of the new goings-on with our business and our industry. We love keeping you informed, but we also love being able to showcase our personable approach to communicating with our audience. And we can do the same for you! Allow our expert bloggers to increase traffic to your site by blogging regularly!

As you can tell, MeloTel has a lot to offer the small business owner looking to make waves in his or her industry. Giving your company an innovative voice is necessary in a business world where big budget advertisements aren’t accessible. Furthermore, your “voice” is what gives you the personal connections you need with customers that are most likely to support your business. Bigger businesses simply aren’t able to do that.

To learn more about how to join the MeloTel family and benefit from these and other services, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL today!