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How Important Are Taglines And Slogans For Branding?

“Just Do It”.

“I’m Lovin’ It”.

“Taste The Feeling”.

What do these phrases mean to you? For most people, immediate images of Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola come to mind. Now, we’re not exactly endorsing any of these brands. But we are saying that these slogans have helped these super successful corporations stick in the minds of consumers worldwide. These simple three-word sentences have had huge impacts on the buying public – proving how important it is to invest in taglines and slogans for your company.

What makes a good slogan? To be completely fair, the above mentioned slogans represent some of the most popular companies on the planet. So, while they are well known and closely associated with the brands they represent, they aren’t all that descriptive. Perhaps, their power is found in their simplicity. So, it can be argued that the “quick punch” effect of a slogan may be the most lucrative for a company trying to grow its brand image.

However, it can also be argued that a good slogan is one that helps to reinforce and emphasize the brand’s identity. “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”, for example, directly correlates great tasting food with the KFC brand. Conjuring up the very image of eating food so tasty that it would encourage one to lick his or her fingers post-meal is a great way to convey flavourful menu options.

A good slogan should also be memorable. “Got Milk?” happens to be a more recently-used slogan for the dairy beverage although most people tend to recall the “It Does The Body Good” slogan that was heavily used in years past. To this day, amidst mounting evidence that suggests that cow’s milk has negative health implications, most milk drinkers cite calcium, among other health benefits, as reasons to continue consuming the product well into adulthood.

How can slogans attract new customers to your business? Many company owners utilize their slogans in all of their marketing materials – as they should. They appear on their websites and business cards as well as their letterheads and promotional products. In fact, many businesses go so far as printing t-shirts and hats with their company slogans on them in order to grow their brands’ popularity.

The key of a good slogan is that it is not only memorable, but that it is marketable. It should convey the strength, dependability and uniqueness of your brand while being able to stay on people’s minds. Consider the power of a phrase – a seemingly arbitrary grouping of words that may be used by people on a daily basis – that is directly connected to your brand.

People say “just do it” for a wide variety of reasons all the time. But, they can’t help but think of the popular apparel brand when the words are uttered. Having a tagline or slogan developed for your company may just be the biggest step it takes in growing its brand image.

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