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Why Is It Important To Post Blogs During The Holiday Shopping Season?

As we informed our blog readers this past Tuesday, the MeloTel office will be closed from December 21st to the 27th. Naturally, this allows our team to enjoy the holidays with their families and friends. During those dates, it’s unlikely that we’ll be posting any blogs – but you never know! The way we see it, it’s pretty important to keep our website updated with new content on a regular basis.

And while we may take a little holiday break, you can be assured that our blog will be updated regularly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We’d highly recommend you do the same. As you’re aware, this is an incredibly busy time of year for retailers and consumers alike. Having a regularly updated website will help you to attract as much traffic to your site, and in turn, your place of business, as possible.

Regular blogging brings greater attention to your brand.

It’s important to let the general public know that you’re open for business. And your blog is one of the best ways to communicate that information. This is especially important if you’re changing up your hours to accommodate holiday shopping. As well, your blog essentially makes your business accessible 24/7. It communicates to your audience that your business is remaining active throughout the holidays and therefore can be counted on for their holiday shopping needs.

Taking too long a break from blogging during the holiday season may send the wrong message. Your website visitors may assume that you’ve closed down for the holidays and are inaccessible during that time. And while you may be taking some well-deserved time off to enjoy the holidays for yourself, you don’t want allow anyone to assume that your brand can’t be counted on.

Blogging during the holiday season helps to grow your social media followers.

Being active on social media is a big deal these days. Business owners from all over North America are regularly tweeting on Twitter, posting on LinkedIn and engaging in conversations with members of their target audience on Facebook. They are all great advertising sources that don’t have to cost a penny to use. At MeloTel, we make sure to post a link to each of our blogs on each of the aforementioned social media platforms.

Again, this helps to promote interaction between our company and the consumers who are most interested in what we have to offer. As you’re likely aware, both blogging and social media content updates are services that we proudly provide! Contact us today to learn more about how our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire can keep your website regularly updated with blogs throughout the holiday season.

In addition, our team can ensure that you remain active on social media, helping your brand to grow the strength of its online presence. Simply put, keeping busy online is known to boost business! For more information about how our team of bloggers can get blogging and posting on social media for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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