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The Importance Of Posting A Blog On The First Of The Month

Welcome to the month of June! Some (this Gemini blogger included) might say that it’s the most wonderful month of the year. What’s not to love about June? It’s the month when the school year ends and the summer officially begins. It also marks the final month in the first half of the year. And for most business owners, it’s the time to begin thinking about how to prepare for the third quarter. However, today’s blog isn’t about June exactly. It’s more about June 1st.

To be more specific, it’s about the first of every month and how important it is to post a blog on your business website on that date. This isn’t to say that posting on the first is a must. It is, however, a comment about the importance of keeping your business website regularly updated. If you can’t get a blog posted on the first of each month, you’ll want to ensure that your blog is updated very soon after.

What’s so important about posting on the first? With the beginning of each new month, there is an automatic “dating” of your previous blogs. A blog posted one day earlier is still “last month”. Offering a new blog at the beginning of the month allows even the most casual of website visitor to say “hey, this blog is pretty fresh!” That counts for those who visit on the second, third or fourth, as well.

Consider the fact that when a new month starts, anything marked with a date from a previous month has the appearance of being “old”. Of course, it isn’t. A blog posted on May 31st is still within its first 24 hours of existence today. Nevertheless, it appears more dated that something posted on today’s date. It’s not much different from pricing an item at $9.99. Everyone knows that it costs ten bucks – more when you add tax. The price just seems more desirable.

What other benefits are there to updating your blog early in the month? Most blogs are set up with “archive” sections. This categorizes the blogs based on the months they were written in. Therefore, if you wish to read all blogs posted in the month of May 2016, you can do just that by clicking on that archive. By posting a new blog today, we automatically generate a “June 2016” archive section our blog. Again, this helps to add to the “freshness” of our website.

Keep in mind that most bloggers tend to stick to a pretty solid blog-posting schedule. Business owners tend to like having members of their readership know exactly when to check back for the next blog entry. This is especially true for those who don’t post daily. Many business websites post once, twice or three times a week on the exact same days each week. This helps to foster consistency.

How does skipping the first impact your blog readers? When a visitor to your website notices that there has been no blog posts for the month (even if the month isn’t even a day old yet), it conveys that you may not be posting all that regularly. It may lessen how often they visit. Again, it’s all about perception – not necessarily reality. So, while it’s important to stay consistent, it can be argued that it’s even more important to stay “fresh”. Posting on the first of the month will help you uphold that impression!

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