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How To Overcome Objections During Phone Sales

As a provider of cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, the MeloTel team often heralds the work done by phone agents all over North America. Firstly, we know they often get a bad rap. It’s not uncommon to come across someone who hates hearing from telemarketers during dinner time. We know, however, that people who work on the phones have important jobs.

Many companies rely on phone sales to get their products in the hands of customers. And for those sales to be completed, companies require the help of talented phone agents who are adept at developing relationships with individuals they’ve never met in person. A huge part of being successful in completing sales over the phone is overcoming objections. Make no mistake about it, it’s no easy feat!

Overcoming the “I’m not interested” objection.

There is likely no more popular phrase heard by a telemarketer than “I’m not interested”. For the most part, this phrase is uttered by individuals who simply wish to get off the phone. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not actually interested in the product or service. It just means that the phone agent hasn’t developed a rapport or garnered any trust as of yet. As Alex Nuñez explains on, it’s important for phone agents to ask questions to find out why the prospect is objecting.

He offers this example script: “Thank you Mrs. Prospect. I understand why you may feel that this is not of any interest to you; however, I can assure you that director at CLIENT X told me the exact same thing and now he is using our solution to do W, X, and Y. I understand that improving W, X, and Y are important KPIs for you and your business as well — can you share with me why improving these metrics is not of any interest to you at this time?”

Overcoming the “I don’t need it” objection.

When a prospect quickly replies with “I don’t need it”, it’s generally because he/she hasn’t yet been informed about how beneficial the product or service can be. As a phone sales representative, it’s your job to describe your offering as a problem solver. This requires the asking of some probing questions to align your product or service with the needs of the prospect you’re calling.

As explains, you have to build the customer’s confidence in you. “They may need more information about who you are and why you are the person to deliver this service for them,” says the website, noting that the prospect needs to have 100% confidence in your product’s ability to solve their problems, your product’s quality and you. “This is the holy trinity of sales. Making sure that you understand these issues, and that you can resolve them, is going to help you increase your closing rate.”

Overcoming the “It’s not a good time” objection.

It’s possible that your prospect may be interested, but doesn’t currently have the money to spend on your offer. It is also possible that the potential customer is simply preoccupied with other responsibilities at the moment and simply can’t prioritize your call.

Nuñez suggests you try the following when given the “it’s not a good time” excuse during the upcoming holiday season: “That’s great — we can help you improve your checkout flow and guarantee smoother customer experiences during the busy season.”

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