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How To Engage Your Audience Through Social Media

As you have likely already discovered, the MeloTel team recently launched its latest Facebook-run contest. The brand new “Best Clean Joke Contest” is calling upon any and everyone in Canada to give us a call at 1-888-206-3515 and leave their funniest clean joke as a voicemail. Our new contest is our fourth in a string of fun and engaging initiatives that have helped to significantly boost MeloTel’s brand recognition.

For the record, all that is required of you, in order to be eligible to win the $100 cash prize that comes with telling us your funniest clean joke, is for you to LIKE the MeloTel Facebook page. When your joke has been completed, please spell your full name so that we can find you on Facebook and confirm that you have liked our page. The winner of the “Best Clean Joke Contest” will be announced on Facebook via a live stream on Thursday, November 8th, 2018.

Explore the art of changing up your contests.

The MeloTel team has had a blast running contests on Facebook, especially because we enjoy coming up with new and inventive contests to run. So far, we’ve invited our friends and followers to post funny captions, upload pictures with their cute pets and even simply tag their friends in the comment section. With the “Best Clean Joke Contest”, we’re asking our contestants to deliver some worthwhile content.

On, Rebekah Carter heralds social media contests as great ways to engage consumers. She points out that requesting content from audiences helps to change members of your customer base from “spectators” to “creators”.

“Today’s customers like to get involved with their favourite brands,” notes Carter, “So why not invite your audience to share their own content and be a part of the experience? Ask them to create pictures, videos or live streams that respond to your brand.”

Frequent posting = engaged followers.

No one likes to follow a social media account that rarely updates with any posts. If you’re going to get active on social media, it’s important to stay active. Short attention spans are the norms, these days. This is why the MeloTel team has had very little time transpire between our Facebook-run contests. As well, regular customer engagement is a main reason we post blogs so frequently.

With each blog posted to the MeloTel website comes a link to that blog on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. As Thomas Scale advises on, it’s important to stick to a publishing schedule. He notes that a successful social media strategy requires consistency.

“Entrepreneurs are busy people,” Scale acknowledges, “It can be easy for you to let days, or even weeks, fly by without publishing a new Facebook post or tweet. That’s why a commitment to scheduling is so important. If your audience members can’t count on your business to deliver relevant content in a timely manner, you’ll find it difficult to keep them engaged.”

Let us help you stay engaged!

MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire aren’t just talented blog writers, they’re expert social media account updaters! For information about how they can help your company better engage with its audience, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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