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How Does Blogging Vastly Improve Your Company Website?

In our last blog, we revisited the concept of having a strong business website and outlined its importance in today’s technology-loving world. Needless to say, millions of people surf the internet daily. So just having a business website isn’t enough to get people to take notice of your brand. Being active on social media and ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly are just two key components that are necessary for a strong online presence.

However, it’s also important to have your website updated regularly. Search engines take notice of sites that have new content added to them on a fairly frequent basis. If you’re looking to rank higher in search engines (and why wouldn’t you?), it’s important to take steps to ensure that your content marketing is on point. This is where blogging comes into play. Having a new blog updated to your site on regular basis is a great way to increase traffic.

Blogs give your company a “voice”. These days, companies aren’t the faceless entities they used to be. Customers place a lot of value on the relationships they create and build with the companies they do business with. When online users visit your site and read your blog, they’re getting a whole lot more than simple product information. They’re getting a perspective that is written in a very approachable, readable and inviting way.

At least, this is what a good blog is supposed to do. Blogs are meant to convey your brand’s personality. In many ways, they serve as excellent customer service tools. Well-written blogs seek to answer questions that many of your customers may have. They’re also meant to encourage readers to ask more questions by contacting the businesses directly after reading the blogs. Good blogs will endear readers to the brands they represent.

Blogs keep your website fresh. Think of your website the same way you would your storefront. Do you not update your store with new products and new displays on a regular basis? Do you not incorporate new signage in order to promote new sales? Do you not decorate your store based on the time of year so that you can celebrate the various holidays that inspire more shopping? Your site should be updated just as often – if not more!

No one is saying that you need to revamp the look of your website on a regular basis. That would be a bit much. Blogging makes updating your site easy. It gives visitors reasons to keep coming back. Would you keep visiting a store that never changes its look? Chances are you’d assume it had nothing new to offer. Your site should always have something new to offer so that it doesn’t come off as stale and outdated. Blogs do that for you.

Blogs increase your search engine hits. As mentioned earlier, search engines look favourably upon sites that update its content on a regular basis. Each of your new blogs gives Google a reason to rank it higher when people are searching for information relevant to your industry. The more blogs on your site, the more content that Google can find – so it’s a good idea to add new blogs a minimum of once or twice a week!

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