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Highlighting A Few Of Our Most Popular Services

Last week, our blog highlighted some of the fantastic VoIP-based services, offered by MeloTel, that help us to be a call centre’s best friend. Of course, it isn’t just call centre businesses that benefit from utilizing our services. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of business-boosting services that can be utilized by a wide variety of business types all over North America!

Allow us to highlight a few of our most popular.

Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire

For as long as MeloTel has been around (10 years strong, thank you very much!), we’ve been blogging. We don’t just blog for our own website (as you can tell), but we blog for a long list of clients from a wide range of business types.

Our experienced Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire are crafty wordsmiths who are experts at researching different business types and coming up with engaging material for their clients’ websites. Our blog writers have been helping company websites to regularly increase their traffic for years. The copy our team composes is readable, engaging and optimized to get you more hits in search engines.

MeloTel’s bloggers don’t just compose blogs, by the way. They offer a wide range of writing services that include social media posting, corporate press releases, email newsletters and product and service descriptions.

Website Maintenance Services

Your blog isn’t the only thing the MeloTel team can update! We offer Website Maintenance Services that rid you of the burden of having to update your website’s design and content on your own. We can complete your ongoing web-related tasks that might be taking time away from more important business needs. We can also continuously monitor your website for updates, security, comments and even make sure you’re all backed up every night.

Our team is highly-skilled, competent and dedicated. We strive to offer exceptional service in an expeditious time frame, while providing the personal attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house web designer/developer. With MeloTel, you will have the assurance that your website software is always up to date, secure and performing at its maximum speed potential.

Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach is, quite frankly, one of the coolest services we offer! With this awesome add-on to your cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, you’ll never miss a call no matter where you are. Single Number Reach allows you to forward your business phone number to up to five different devices of your choice: VoIP phone, Softphone, cell phone – whatever you like! They all ring when the number is called!

By taking advantage of this service, you can stop giving out your personal cell phone number. You can also have your calls routed differently after hours. With Single Number Reach, you use one number that is directed by your rules. This feature comes fully loaded with a magnitude of other benefits too. It’s simple and brilliant. You’ll never miss an important phone call ever again!

For more information about any and all MeloTel’s services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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