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3 Keys To Offering Incomparable Customer Service

There’s not a business owner alive who doesn’t want to see his/her company gain the reputation of being “the best in the biz”. And most entrepreneurs know that securing such a title comes not by selling superior products and services, but by providing incomparable customer service. Excellent customer experiences mean everything to consumers. The better you make people feel, the more support your business will get! It’s really that simple.

How can you offer incomparable customer service? Here are three keys:

1. Make your customer service style your own.

The true definition of offering incomparable customer service is being able to provide experiences that no other business can. So while you may be inspired by what some of your favourite companies are doing, your best bet isn’t to emulate their techniques. Instead, extract what you like about other customer service styles and find ways to better them. Giving customers a can-only-get-it-here type of feel is what will truly set your brand apart.

According to Elen Veenpere on, making your customer service style all your own is important in defining your company culture. “Flat out copying support ideas and techniques from someone else will most likely not work for you,” she writes, “Culture—whether it comes to customer support or in general—is not something you can fake.”

2. Use your customers’ names.

There are few things people like more than the sounds of their own names. It sounds vain, doesn’t it? But, it’s true! When you use your customers’ names, it helps to develop greater rapport. There’s nothing like offering the personal touch to help set your company apart from its competitors. Always strive to provide feel-good moments simply by using your customers’ names – just like you’ve been friends for years!

“A personal touch is the best way to let your prospects know that they are a priority,” agrees Gaetano DiNardi on, “When you talk to a customer, remember their name and use it throughout the conversation. To show that you’re listening, mention something they said earlier. Your regulars will appreciate this personalization and will likely rave about your company.”

3. Show that you can learn from your mistakes.

Nobody’s perfect. And your customers know that. However, when imperfections are apparent and you don’t own up to them, your customers will not want to know you anymore! It certainly doesn’t hurt to say “sorry” and take ownership for your mistakes. Learning from them will make you a better businessperson. Show that you can remedy your errors and you’ll find customers giving you second chances.

“Mistakes happen,” affirms Veenpere, “They’ve always happened, and they always will happen—especially when it comes to customer support. Good customer service isn’t about completely eliminating mistakes—which is hardly possible—but about taking the opportunity created by a mistake and using it to actually improve the relationship with your customer.”

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