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Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Win An Easy $100!

Several weeks back, the MeloTel Blog excitedly introduced a new initiative that sought to increase interactions between our clients. One of our primary objectives of this new initiative was to have our blogs and weekly newsletters serve as an excellent source of word-of-mouth promotion for our clients. We absolutely love giving those who support MeloTel all the support in the world!

How are we encouraging interaction between our clients?

We came up with the idea to request tips and tricks from our clients in order to share them in future newsletters and blogs. Originally, we suggested that these tips and tricks focus on the various ways in which MeloTel’s products and services could best be utilized. However, we’d like to open up those suggestions to include just about anything you like!

You may offer tips and tricks that are relevant to your business or you can even offer advice that will bring a bit of ease to everyday life. For example, you can suggest different ways to troubleshoot through computer issues or tell us how to quickly increase social media followers. Both are excellent business tips.

However, you may also inform our readers about how to wash your car without leaving streaks or even offer your tips for how to make the fluffiest of pancakes! The ideas are virtually endless!

Not only would offering your tips and tricks help to introduce you to other entrepreneurs across North America, but your contributions would give you the opportunity to win yourself a $100 cash prize. If we use your tips and tricks in one of our monthly “Tips & Tricks” newsletters, we will send you $100 CAD via email money transfer!

Submitting your tips and tricks is easy!

The entire process will literally take you seconds. Simply go to our Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission form, fill out your name, business name, email address and your tip/suggestion and you’ll be on your way. We can’t think of an easier and cheaper way to market your brand while earning the chance to become $100 richer.

Remember, your tip or trick can be about ANYTHING! You may even want to inform others about some very helpful business opportunities such as the Cisco Meraki webinars that we blogged about last week. In fact, you still have an opportunity to take advantage of them! There are two live webinars taking place next week that will offer you FREE Cisco Meraki products just for signing up.

On Tuesday, April 24th, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, the “Introduction to Cloud-Managed Wireless” webinar will provide qualified attendees with a FREE Cisco Meraki access point with a 3-year cloud management license, valued at $978 USD! On Wednesday, April 25th at 1:00 p.m. EDT, the “Introduction to Cloud Managed Switches (Americas)” webinar will give qualified attendees a FREE Cisco Meraki MS220-8P switch with a 3-year cloud management license, valued at $1,395 USD!

Now, how’s that for a tip?

And we’re not even going to reward ourselves with $100 for giving it to you! However, the $100 cash prize can be yours if you simply offer us a tip and/or trick that we can use in a future newsletter. Submit yours today!

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