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Your “Tips & Tricks” Could Make You $100 Richer!

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A few months ago, MeloTel introduced a new initiative to help bring greater attention to our clients and colleagues while also providing those same individuals with some helpful tidbits. We refer to it as our ongoing “Tips & Tricks” contest and, the way we see it, it couldn’t be any easier to win! All that is required to enter the contest is to visit our the Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission page on our website and take a few moments to fill it out!

What tips and tricks are we looking for?

Literally any and everything that could be considered a unique and helpful piece of advice is acceptable. Honestly, your tip or trick can be anything you like! By offering up a tip or trick than can help a person’s business or one that can even help around the house, you could be eligible to win a $100 cash prize!

Congratulations to Heidi Kaufmann!

This week, we’re happy to announce that CEO of TK Enterprises Inc., Heidi Kaufmann is the first official winner of our “Tips & Tricks” contest. Not only is she the recipient of a $100 cash prize, but her tip was included in MeloTel’s newsletter this week. Our team is only too happy to help shine the spotlight the way of our clients. We congratulate Heidi on not only winning this month’s contest, but for running such an amazing company!

So what was Heidi’s tip?

She provided us with an excellent way to save money on your electricity bill. Needless to say, companies from all industries require electricity to run their businesses. But you may be surprised to know just how much excess power you may be using when you’re not even at work. Heidi let us know that TK Enterprises Inc. recently had its electricity provider provide a free energy audit to help the company lower its electricity bill.

“He reviewed our thermostats and identified that our fans were on ‘ON’ instead of ‘AUTO’ and that these rooftop units use a large volume of the energy if they’re running 24/7,” she informed us, “So we switched it and we set the unoccupied time to a warmer temperature before A/C comes on and a cooler temperature before the heat comes on.”

You can also save money by shutting down your PCs at night!

“He also reviewed our 100 PCs and suggested we create a group policy on our server that shuts down idle PCs after 4 hours of inactivity,” Heidi explained, “While many of our staff automatically power down their PCs at the end of each day, some forget and with 100 computers, that can drain a substantial amount of energy. He also identified that some of our older monitors are not Energy Star so even though we’re shutting down the PC’s, the monitors stay on, so we are slowly replacing them.”

TK Enterprises Inc. now enjoys a 30 percent reduction on its electricity bill. There’s no question her “Tips & Tricks” submission was highly beneficial. Thanks so much Heidi! And to everyone else, if you’d like to share a tip or trick that could earn you an extra $100, please don’t hesitate to fill out our Client Tips, Tricks & Story Submission form. Good luck!

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