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Your Business Needs A 416 Number Now!

If you live in the City of Toronto, you understand both the significance and importance of the 416 area code. Naturally, those three little digits go hand in hand with Canada’s largest city. So much so that rumours are abound that Toronto-born music superstar Drake is entitling his forthcoming album, Views From The 6 as a homage to his hometown. Representing the “416” has remained important to city residents, even in the face of the launching of relatively new area code, 647 in the past decade.

With more than five million people inhabiting the Greater Toronto Area, it was inevitable that there would come a time when new phone numbers utilizing a different area code would be necessary in the city. As a result, the 416 area code remains highly sought-after as it is considered one of the age-old representations of having a history in the city. It can be argued, therefore, that not having a 416 phone number can be bad for business.

You don’t have to take our word for it though. A recent article on pointed out that Toronto’s 416 phone numbers are selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars! If this sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone. But apparently, it all comes down to credibility. Some people feel that businesses that have a 647 phone number are likely to not have been in business for too long. They are therefore seen as less reputable.

Thankfully, MeloTel can help your business completely avoid that misinterpretation! We just recently took an inventory of hundreds of 416 numbers that are now available to all of our new customers. If you ask us, you should definitely get them while they’re hot! It has been shown that 416 numbers are incredibly valuable for businesses that want to appear well established in the City of Toronto.

And the best part is, MeloTel won’t be charging you the ridiculous ‘arm and a leg’ that some other opportunistic entrepreneurs have decided they can get away with. The Metro News article points out that some 416 numbers have actually sold for upwards of $2000! If you ask us, that’s unreasonable. However, it clearly highlights the importance that many business owners place on the whole 416 phenomenon.

Reza Esmaeili is one of those business owners. A commercial real estate broker, he purchased his current phone number for $500, according to Metro News. Well, here is what MeloTel intends to do for its new customers. By signing up for our Commercial Telephone Services, we will GIVE you a 416 phone number! Yes, you read that right. All we ask in return is for a one-year commitment. We guarantee that there is no better deal in the city for a 416 phone number.

Other phone number “providers” would have Torontonians believe that 416 numbers are no longer available. In fact, Metro News points out that “the last large batch of 416 numbers was assigned to Toronto carriers in 2006.” Having been around since 1947, it’s understandable that the area code is so synonymous with the city. It also stands to reason that it can be amazingly beneficial for Toronto-based business owners to use a 416 number.

It’s also important to your business, however, to not get ripped off. MeloTel has long prided itself on being a company that puts its customers first. We have saved an ever-increasing number of Canadian business owners money while providing them with top-of-the-line VoIP telephone services for many years now. And we plan on doing so well into the future. If you own a business in Toronto, call us at 1-888-MELOTEL to secure your new 416 phone number today!