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Building A Buzz Through Creative Back-To-School Social Media Posts

Here we are – at the end of another first week of school! The back-to-school shopping season has been in effect for weeks. But don’t think that, because school has started, everyone’s back-to-school shopping needs have been met. Right now is a prime time for small business owners to engage with students, parents and educators on social media. With strategic and creative posts, you can tap into this bustling season and attract the attention of shoppers in need.

Introduce enticing promotions and challenges.

Share posts highlighting your special offers on school supplies, clothing or services. Include eye-catching visuals, such as images of discounted items or limited-time offers. Be sure to use clear and compelling calls to action (CTAs) to encourage engagement and purchases. A clothing retailer could create a post showcasing trendy outfits for the new school year. Ideally, it would emphasize discounts and encourage students to visit the store before the deals expire.

As well, challenge students to participate in creative and interactive challenges related to your products or services. An art supply store, for example, could initiate a “Back-to-School Doodle Challenge”. It could ask participants to share their best school-related artwork for a chance to win art supplies.

Host back-to-school contests and conduct polls.

Encourage students to participate by sharing their back-to-school stories, photos or creative ideas related to your products or services. Promote the contest with captivating graphics and clear rules for entry. For example, a book store could run a “Back-to-School Bookshelf Makeover” contest. Participants could share their reading goals for the school year to be given the chance to win a bundle of popular books.

You can also engage your audience with interactive content like polls and quizzes. Pose fun questions related to back-to-school experiences or preferences. For instance, ask students to vote on their favourite school subjects, share their back-to-school resolutions or take quizzes to discover their study style. A coffee shop could create a poll asking students to vote on their preferred study beverage, sparking discussions and encouraging visits to their shop.

Share inspiring success stories and request user-generated content.

What is the story of your brand? Tell it! Discuss how you achieved your goals through hard work and perseverance. Offer valuable study tips, time management advice or stress-reduction techniques to position your brand as a supportive ally in their educational journey. For example, a stationary shop could share stories of successful students who relied on efficient organization using their products.

Go on to encourage customers to share photos or videos featuring your products or services in a back-to-school context. Repost and acknowledge their content, showcasing real experiences and building a sense of community around your brand. A electronics store could run a UGC campaign asking students to share photos of how they use their purchased gadgets for studying and staying organized.

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