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A Big Name Company’s Big Fail

“I’ve never been so angry with a company in my entire life,” admitted Eddie. He had just gotten off the phone with his telephone, cable and internet provider – a process that he insisted took two and a half hours of his life away! Eddie, you see, had contacted this big name company just two days prior for one simple request: he wanted a wireless modem. Getting one should have only cost him a few extra dollars per month. The request ended up costing him a whole lot more.

“The representative assured me that I could get a wireless modem as part of a new ‘bundle package’,” recalls Eddie, “He calculated the costs of the new package and explained that it was, in fact, cheaper than what I was currently paying for just the internet and cable TV services alone. I actually made the guy explain this to me about five times just to be sure. I thought I was making an informed decision by agreeing to the package – $109 taxes in, he told me. Boy, was I wrong!”

Unfortunately for Eddie, the package he was convinced to take would actually run him upwards of $150. Naturally, he cancelled the plan before he even had his phone installed. Sadly, his story marks one of the many that we have received, here at MeloTel, about big name telecom companies. All too often, customers feel as if they are being lied to.

“I can’t seem to get one representative on the phone who can help me,” explained another of our new clients. Apparently, being transferred from rep to rep is commonplace when calling up one of the big name telecom companies in search for customer service. At MeloTel, we feel that customer service is at the top of the pile when it comes to reasons to begin our newly-installed #VoipRevolution. It’s not just about getting the service you paid for, but getting the respect you deserve as well.

One of the many problems our new clients have explained that they face is the fact that each rep working for a big name company seems to provide different information than the previous one they spoke to. That way, it makes it difficult for customers to feel confident that the information they are receiving is accurate. Therefore, it’s hard for these companies to build a true sense of trust.

“How can I believe them when everyone I speak to tells a different story?” asked another one of our new clients this week, “They claim that they write notes on the account. But when you ask another rep about the notes – even when giving them a confirmation number – they usually say that they don’t see the note, or that the note doesn’t provide much information. It’s very frustrating.”

At MeloTel, we are well aware that we are not “too big to care”. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We want to make sure that our clients feel that good service includes being listened to, respected and acknowledged. Join the #VoipRevolution now! Call 1-888-MELOTEL for information on setting up your Business Telephone Services or Website & Email Hosting and so much more!

Get the services you want, the respect you deserve and the prices that you can afford! That’s what the #VoipRevolution is all about! Don’t forget to tweet us @MeloTel and use that hashtag to express your frustration with the failures of the big name telecom companies.