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The #VoipRevolution Starts Now!

Now, this is getting ridiculous! Over the past few weeks, MeloTel has received more calls and emails detailing bad news stories about the big name telephone companies than ever before. We’re not sure if these tales are coming at a more rapid pace due to some of our recent blogs, or simply because the customer service of the big name companies is just getting worse.

You know the companies we’re talking about. The ones that sound like “Dodgers” and rhyme with “hell”. Most likely because they tend to dodge the actual concerns of the customers who call them, forcing their poor customers to go through hell! And that’s coming straight from one of the many people who have contacted us about their problems.

The way we figure it, it’s about time that MeloTel introduces a brand new initiative to put a stop (or at least a dent in the progress) of those big name companies who seem to make it their personal business to NOT be personal. It has gotten to the point where the all-too-popular telecom conglomerate has proven that it does not have the customers’ best interests at heart.

More and more, MeloTel is bringing in new customers who are dissatisfied with what they often refer to as a “disconnect between provider and consumer”. Have you ever heard of the expression “too big to fail”? Well, at MeloTel, we believe that the big name telephone companies are simply “too big to care”! In our next blog, we will detail our most recent story of a very disgruntled customer who has recently made the switch to MeloTel.

But first…allow us to introduce to you a new concept. We believe it’s time to start a revolution…if you will. When customers are mad, they deserve for their voices to be heard. And when their voices are not being heard by their big name providers, it’s only fair that the rest of the world is made aware about their dissatisfaction.

So taking a page out of our own book (or blogs, to be more precise), we are going to be taking to Twitter with a brand new hashtag: #voiprevolution. The time when customers are being ignored by the huge telecom conglomerate has to come to an end sooner than later. And MeloTel wants to assist you in being part of that revolution.

It may be a small step to voice your concerns on Twitter. But it will definitely be a step in the right direction. Any time you feel tired of the entire debacle of high-cost bills, inaccurate information, long hold times, impersonal service and an overall lack of genuine concern for your account, tweet using the hashtag #voiprevolution.

For more information on how MeloTel can help you to be part of the #voiprevolution by making the switch to out VoIP Telephone Services, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. It’s only right that the customer truly comes first for once. Get the personalized service you deserve and stop overpaying for the poor service you’ve been getting. The revolution starts now!