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Let’s Have A Chat!

By now, it should come as no surprise that MeloTel is in the business of doing right by its customers. More than just “doing right”, we strive to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction experience. Now, we don’t claim to be miracle workers or anything. But we sure do make it a point to ensure that our clients are all made very happy.

This is especially important to us in the wake of all of the stories we’ve received, as of late, detailing complaints that people have with big name telecom providers. If they’re not too expensive, their phone reps are not knowledgeable and accurate. If they’re not trying to swindle you into a longer contract, they’re unable to provide the basic services you requested.

And if they’re not doing one of those things, then they’re likely doing all of the above! In many cases, the stories we receive have one major underlying theme – communication. Or to be more specific, a lack thereof. The big name companies have made evident that they’re “too big to care”.

Quite frankly, with the vast size of their customer bases, how could they possibly provide their clients with specialized services? How are they able to personalize their services and directly address each individual concern uniquely? The answer is, they can’t! This is one of the many advantages to working with a company like MeloTel. And here’s proof.

When visiting our website, you should notice a new and unique little feature known as “Live Chat”. There is an orange icon to the left of your screen and there is another one in the top right of your screen that reads “Click To Live Chat”. One click of either icon will bring up a new page for you to fill out in order to contact us live!

It’s super simple. All you need to do is fill out your name, email address, company name and your question in the spaces provided. Once you’ve written your message, simply click the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the page. It’s no different than writing a standard email.

The only thing is, these messages are prioritized so that, during business hours, one of our experienced representatives can speak with you live! At MeloTel, we want to make sure that our clients know that we take their questions seriously. Their concerns matter to us, and it matters even more that we are able to resolve them quickly.

As far we are concerned, the “big names” in our company are the ones that belong to our customers. Click on one of the “Live Chat” icons any time you have a question or concern and give us the opportunity to show you our dedication to communicating with our clients. We strive to do more than just “do right”. We want to do the best!