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5 Ways That Blogs Help Your Brand To Build An Audience

We love blogging, here at MeloTel. Can you tell? A minimum of three new blogs per week are posted to our website. In addition, links to those blogs are always posted to our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Utilizing social media to get the word out about our business is an integral part of our advertising strategy. And why wouldn’t it be? Social media platforms of all kinds are the most popular ways to communicate these days.

Are you taking advantage of them? As mentioned, we love to blog. But, as you may be aware, we don’t just blog for ourselves. For many years now, MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have been providing Canadian business owners with new and exciting content for their websites. Garnering a lot more attention via increased website traffic, these blogs are today’s most effective way to build buzz for your brand online.

Here are five ways that blogs help your brand to build an audience:

1. They attract more clients to your business. Websites that don’t update regularly don’t get visited very much. Consider the fact that the internet itself is a pretty competitive market. There are tons of websites to visit and a bunch of social media posts to like and comment on. Without putting your company website into the mix, it is bound to get overlooked. Regularly updated blogs can help to produce a regular stream of leads to your website.

2. They encourage feedback about your brand. One important objective of a blog is to elicit a response. Blogs can be about anything you like. Especially when you’re discussing topics that are relevant in your industry, your blog posts can work wonders in the world of starting conversations between yourself and your readers. Many blogs offer readers the option of posting comments, much the same way that social media encourages.

3. They establish you as an expert. This is a point that we’ve highlighted in the past. In today’s business world, customers gain value from much more than the products and services that you offer. People like to know that they are doing business with reputable sources. Your blog helps to establish you as someone with a lot of knowledge in your field. They help to build trust and loyalty from those who are seeking assistance from a member of your industry.

4. They help to sell your products. For most business owners, this is pretty much the bottom line, isn’t it? At the end of the day, all entrepreneurs wish to increase sales. Blogs are not generally meant to be direct advertisements for your products. But that’s what they end up doing in the long run. A well-written blog puts out a favourable impression of the company it represents. The more people that visit the website it is on, the more likely they are to look into what’s for sale.

5. They help to give your brand a personality. Your objective isn’t simply to get people to like what you have to sell. You should also want them to like you. Blogs help to provide your company with a “voice”. Being relatable and people-focused allows your company to establish rapports that don’t generally come with working with larger corporations. A good blog is one that endears readers to the brand it represents.

As mentioned, MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have been helping Canadian business owners attract new clients for years. If you don’t have time to write blogs yourself – and most busy business owners don’t – our staff of creative writers will make the perfect choice for your blogging needs. They’ve been known to write on a variety of topics and are sure to take on the challenge of writing your blog in a way that will make you happy.

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