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5 Elements Of A Perfect Customer Service Attitude

Providing customers with excellent customer service is a lot more than simply throwing out catch phrases such as “thank you” and “have a nice day”. At the heart of every truly amazing customer service experience is a genuine wish to want to assist others with bettering their lives. At MeloTel, we continually seek to improve the lives of our customers. Through both our services and the ways we interact with our clients, this is achieved.

Of course, we’re always striving to improve upon our customer service practices. And our hosted services are also created in such ways that our customers can improve the customer service practices at their own companies. Take Single Number Reach as one of our most popular examples. This awesome service enables busy business owners to forward their local business numbers to up to five different numbers of their choice.

As a result, five different devices will ring simultaneously when one number is called. Single Number Reach has greatly improved the customer service practices of many of our clients simply by helping them to be more accessible. And while customers love the ability to get in touch with company representatives quickly, it is the attitudes of those representatives that truly help to set their companies apart.

So what are the elements of a perfect customer service attitude? Here are five:

1. Attentiveness. It all starts with listening. A customer service rep who chooses to do more listening than talking will often become known as a top performer. This is because he/she gives him/herself the opportunity to pinpoint a resolution for a customer concern or complaint at the first point of constant. A good, active listener gives customers the ability to clearly communicate their issues so that they can be easily resolved without having to call back.

2. Patience. It can certainly be frustrating for customer service reps who have to listen to complaint after complaint all day long. Especially for those who work on the phone, it can feel like one phone call is spilling into another with no break in between. Falling into a comatose-like state where each response is a monotone repetition of the previous statement can significantly hurt the quality of customer service. Patience and understanding is of vital importance is such a role.

3. Knowledge. What’s a customer service rep who doesn’t know about the products and/or services he/she is selling? There are few things that frustrate customers more than agents who don’t seem to know a lot about the company they work for. Customers call businesses expecting to have their questions answered and their minds put at ease. When a rep sounds unsure or even confused, it makes the entire brand look bad. Simply put, great customer service requires great product knowledge.

4. Eloquence. More often than not, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. One’s tone of voice and inflections can go a long way in providing a customer with a good experience. As mentioned earlier, simply repeating appropriate words without having any genuine personality behind them isn’t very beneficial. Both the words used and the ways in which they are spoken are important when providing a top-notch brand of customer service.

5. Intuition. Great customer service reps understand their customer bases. They have strong understandings of what customers like and dislike and therefore know how to provide optimum customer service before it’s even asked for. Excellent customer service reps are able to read their audiences in such ways that they avoid confusion and miscommunication. They can also nip problems in the bud by addressing them before they are likely to take place.

For a dose of MeloTel’s brand of excellent customer service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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