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5 Benefits Of Forwarding Your Calls

As you may have noticed, MeloTel is keen on being a company that is very accessible to its customers. In our last blog, we introduced our brand new “Live Chat Support” feature that provides our website’s visitors with live and immediate access to information of all kinds. We love being able to provide our customers with the convenience of being able to have their questions answered immediately.

Being accessible takes a lot of work. And it’s certainly not easy for every business owner. Especially for those who do a lot of travelling, keeping in touch can be hard. But it doesn’t mean that it’s any less important to your customers to be able to reach you. This is why it’s wise to forward your calls. Ideally, when your customers call your main line, they’ll still be able to reach you wherever you may be.

Here are five benefits of forwarding your calls:

1. It makes you available when you’re outside of your office. You shouldn’t have to rely on your location in order for your customers to be able to rely on you. When you forward the calls that come into your office to the phone you have on your person, it enables you to address customer concerns and questions immediately. This conveys to your client base that they can depend on you to meet their needs whenever they arise.

2. It helps for your customers to avoid leaving voicemails. Not everyone is a fan of leaving messages. This is especially true for those who require immediate assistance. As well, being inundated with what feels like countless voicemails can only add unneeded stress to your day. Forwarding your calls minimizes the need for voicemails. It helps you to not miss important calls that may never be made again if you can’t be found.

3. It allows you to be mobile. Most modern-day business owners don’t stay confined to their offices. Many of them travel in order to attend business meetings, trade shows and other functions that assist them in promoting their brands. Today, you don’t have to be in your office in order to conduct business. Call forwarding gives you the freedom to go wherever you need to be without losing touch with the clients who matter so much to your business.

4. It enables you to expand your presence. Perhaps your company has more than one number that customers use to dial it. Some business owners choose to use local numbers only while others enjoy the benefits that come with offering toll-free numbers to their customers. No matter how many numbers you have, it pays dividends to have them all forwarded to the one number that will find you in order to expand your presence anywhere in the world.

5. It lets you take advantage of the latest advances in modern technology. At MeloTel, we proudly offer our clients the incredible Single Number Reach service. With this innovative service, customers can forward their local numbers to up to five different phone numbers of their choice! Call forwarding has never been made so easy. Clients who take advantage of this service enjoy knowing that they’ll never miss important phone calls again.

Absolutely perfect for the small business on the go, Single Number Reach is a virtual phone number service that will ring any five devices of your choice whenever your main number is dialled. No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can be assured that your phone calls will get to you. For more information about Single Number Reach, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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