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Introducing Our All-New “Live Chat Support”!

Back in June, MeloTel excitedly announced the introduction of our new “Live Sales Chat” feature. Directly addressing the feedback of our customers who enjoy receiving assistance via the internet over the phone, we decided to implement this feature on our website in order to answer any questions relating to MeloTel’s products and services during business hours. Well, we’re happy to announce that we’re now taking things a step further!

Our “Live Sales Chat” feature has officially been converted into our all-new “Live Chat Support” service. Now our website’s visitors can ask us any question they want about anything they like! We’ve changed our live chat service to now provide full sales and support chat. No matter your question or concern, a member of our technical support staff will happily address it using this new and incredibly easy-to-use function on our website.

The “Live Chat Support” feature is located in the bottom left corner of our website. You’ll notice an orange rectangular icon that reads “Online – Have questions?” This lets you know that our technical support staff is standing by and ready to respond with live and immediate assistance. By clicking on this icon, you will open a support window that encourages you to “ask us anything”. Below that is a box that allows you to type in your question.

Again, your question and comment can be about anything you like. We’re happy to answer technical support questions or address any queries you may have about our products and services. Our new “Live Chat Support” feature is meant to make the lives of MeloTel’s clients that much easier. We’ve found that, for those who prefer working online, it’s an incredibly convenient website feature.

It saves you time! Users of the internet often develop amazing abilities to be great multi-taskers. They have numerous windows open at once and have mastered the art of jumping from one page to another. Sometimes, having to stop what you’re doing to make a call can significantly slow down your ability to multi-task. By using a live chat feature, you get to keep all of your windows open and type your questions away at your convenience.

Our “Live Chat Support” feature works at your pace. You don’t necessarily have to devote your attention to it because you’re not on the phone having a conversation. You can ask questions and provide your own responses at your leisure. Many of our clients work on their computers on a daily basis. These are the multi-taskers we speak of. We’ve found that giving them the benefit of a live chat feature helps to keep their work days as productive as possible.

Again, it’s all about making your lives easier. After all, it makes our lives easier as well. As you can imagine, we take quite a few calls each and every day. We know that your company is likely to experience quite the call volume of its own. A live chat feature helps to lessen the number of calls coming into the office for technical support. We’ve also found that providing instructions in writing goes a long way in helping people attain first-time understandings.

And this provides first-time resolutions! At MeloTel, we love solving the problems that our customers have. This is what has greatly helped us to develop our reputation as a “people’s company”. Go ahead and give our new “Live Chat Support” feature a try. As we pointed out, you can ask us anything. But, of course, if you’d prefer to speak to a live representative on the phone, please don’t hesitate to call 1-888-MELOTEL!

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