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4 Ways That Blogs Can Better Your Business

You might have noticed that we enjoy blogging, here at MeloTel. For many years now, we have offered blogging services through our incredible Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire team. It’s one of the many services that we offer that fall into our “practice what we preach” category. You see, at MeloTel, we strongly believe that the services that we offer help to better businesses all across Canada. So they are services that we use ourselves!

The MeloTel Blog is updated no less than three times a week. Our experience has shown us that by regularly updating our website with new blogs, we generate more traffic to our website. And it simply makes sense, doesn’t it? Blogs keep websites fresh. Without them, most sites would remain stagnant, having no new content added to it for long lengths of time. What would encourage people to keep coming back in such a case?

As any good business owner knows, the more times you get people coming back to your site, the more opportunities you have to turn those people into your customers. This is another way that blogs work to better your business. They are meant to place your brand in the class of “expert”. Your blog is your company’s voice. It provides a friendly, yet knowledgeable source that people can relate to and trust. Do you have a regularly updated blog on your company website?

Here are four ways that blogs can better your business:

1. They convert readers into friends. In our last blog, we detailed the importance of communication in any relationship. A company’s true success is found in the many relationships that it creates and maintains. Your blogs help for those relationships to grow as they allow your readers to get to know you better. Depending on the topic of your blogs, they can position you as highly knowledgeable and one who is only too willing to share helpful advice. This always makes a good impression.

2. They provide an additional customer service source. Your blogs have the ability to answer questions that your customers may not have even asked yet. Many blogs contain advice, tips and news pieces that can help enlighten readers about the various aspects of your business. When customers can go to your blog to learn new information that can help their lives, it will be seen as a viable resource. This will only help to grow your company’s reputation as a trusted source.

3. They increase your brand’s credibility. To branch off of that last point, blogs help to position you as an expert in your field. By sharing your thoughts, revealing your experiences and providing insight, you will be able to obtain the reputation of an expert. People like the idea of working with the “best in the business”. When your blogs help to communicate how knowledgeable you are, it helps to gain trust amongst the members of your customer base.

4. They serve as endorsements. Naturally, the purpose of any business venture is to generate more revenue. Blogs have the great ability to advertise your products and services without coming off as blatant commercials. Advice columns are often found in the MeloTel Blog. But it is always important for us to communicate how our services can help our readers to take the advice that we’ve offered. There’s no secret to the fact that blogs help to generate business.

Get our team blogging for you today! It’s also no secret that most Canadian business owners are too busy to blog for themselves. Get our team blogging for you today! It’s also no secret that most Canadian business owners are too busy to blog for themselves. Even for those who have the time, they often feel that their writing acumen isn’t all that strong. Not to worry. MeloTel’s team of writers can cover a wide range of topics to expertly write on your behalf. For more information about our Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire, call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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