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4 Reasons To Update Your Company Website This Fall

Fall starts in two days. And while the weather, here in the Greater Toronto Area, doesn’t reflect that (summer finally decided to show up!), rest assure that we will all be feeling the return of chilly weather shortly. For business owners, the fall represents the beginning of the fourth quarter. With October right around the corner, now is the time to think about injecting some new life into marketing strategies in order to end the year off strong.

We can’t think of a single business that couldn’t benefit from updating its website. In today’s world of savvy consumers, the internet is often the first destination selected in order to learn about a company’s products and services. How does your website reflect your brand? Is it bringing in the amount of business you want? Perhaps, the first thing on your to-do list, this fall, should be to update your company website.

Here are four reasons:

1. You need to revamp your brand image.

If your business has recently changed its logo, its decor, its product line and/or its mission statement, it’s definitely important to have those changes reflected online Your brand image counts for a lot. The impressions you give would-be customers often create make-or-break situations. A consumer’s decision to support your brand is regularly based heavily on how consistent your marketing is across all of your platforms.

2. You’re using outdated technologies.

Does your website come complete with a flash intro page? If so, you’re giving off the impression that it hasn’t been updated in a decade. Today, it’s best to have a uniquely designed, eye-catching homepage that immediately allows visitors to click on tabs to get them where they want to go. People generally don’t have the patience to have to wait through unnecessary videos. It’s like watching a preview before a movie. The general consensus among those watching is “Get on with it!”

3. It doesn’t link to any social media accounts.

The Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn logos are pretty commonplace on company websites of today. If they’re not on yours, you’re missing out on numerous opportunities to grow your reach online. Many consumers select their social media platforms of choice in order to learn more about businesses. If you’re not operational on social media and your website suggests just that, you’re hurting your chances of growing your customer base.

4. It’s not generating enough traffic.

SEO (search engine optimization) is quite the popular set of initials these days. It basically refers to how much the content on your website is generating hits in search engines. Having a blog will certainly help with that. Blogs, for the most part, are the top ways that websites add new content on a regular basis. The more blogs that contain keywords that are relative to your industry, the more opportunities you give your site to be listed in Google searches.

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