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4 Reasons To Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

Modern technology has made it a bit difficult for people to be patient these days. After all, we’re now able to access information and media within seconds. The internet has made it so that libraries are practically unnecessary. This isn’t to say that they should do away with libraries. We’re quite glad they still exist! However, when people want to learn more about a particular topic, they generally surf the web.

Yes, this is the tech-savvy world that we live in. And, as a business owner, it’s vital that you consider the ways in which today’s technological advances can help your business. It’s important not to be left behind. You have to make it just as easy for your customers to get what they’re looking for. So what type of technology exists for you to do that? At MeloTel, we call it Single Number Reach!

This innovative service enables you to forward your local business number to up to five different devices so that they all ring simultaneously. What this does is ensure that you never miss another important phone call. Members of your client base will quickly get the idea that, if they need your help, you can be depended on. This is extremely important in a modern marketplace where people can usually find what they’re looking for in a snap. With Single Number Reach, you ensure your customers that they don’t need to go elsewhere!

Here are four reasons to make it easy for customers to contact you:

1. You’ll avoid customer frustration. Customers know that they have options. Sometimes, the only factor that determines whether or not a person will work with you over your competitor is whether or not you answer the phone when he/she calls. Being accessible is a huge part of customer satisfaction. People like knowing that they can rely on the companies they do business with, no matter how great their products or services may be.

2. You’ll grow your reputation as a dependable brand. As mentioned, customers need to take comfort in the fact that they can depend on the businesses they’re paying. To most people, a surefire sign of poor customer service is when a phone call goes unanswered. Again, in today’s quick-to-get-what-you-want world, it’s important to show your customers that you can be depended on when they need you. This will help grow your brand’s reputation.

3. You’ll stand out from the competition. People are generally proud of themselves when they’ve located a business they can depend on. They feel like they’ve “discovered” something in a world where seemingly so few businesses are reliable. Being accessible will truly help you to stand out from the competition – especially larger corporations that are known for having high call volumes and keeping their callers on hold for long durations.

4. You’ll garner more referrals. Speaking of those proud customers, they will be a lot more likely to refer your business to others when they know you can be easily reached. Your business will be the subject of conversation among friends who are interested in the products and services that companies like yours provides. “I can always reach them when I need them, they’re very easy to work with.” Make that sentence one that refers to your brand in those conversations!

For more information about Single Number Reach, please don’t hesitate to contact MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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