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3 Reasons To Go VoIP In 2017

With 2017 just around the corner, this just may be the perfect time for you to make the decision for your company to go VoIP. By now, VoIP isn’t exactly a brand new technology – but it is still one that is a new concept to many business owners throughout North America. Believe it or not, the traditional landline is slowly, but surely creeping towards a state of being too “old school” a technology to keep up with today’s business world. So, perhaps, the top of your list of New Year’s Resolutions list should read “Go VoIP”.

Here are three reasons why:

1. You’ll enjoy features you’ve never been able to use before. VoIP telephony offers you a wide variety of calling features that are unavailable with traditional landlines. Among them is Voicemail to your Email. With this feature, whenever someone leaves you a voicemail, it will be sent to your email inbox as an mp3 file. That way, you can check messages from your computer as easily as you would from your phone. This works to significantly improve the ways in which you communicate with your clients.

Single Number Reach is another one of the amazing features you’ll get to enjoy, thanks to VoIP technology. It rings up to five different devices of your choice whenever your business phone number is called. That way, you’ll never miss another important call again! Whether you’re in your office, your home or on the road using your cell phone – or even on vacation – you will be more accessible a business owner than ever before! This greatly improves customer satisfaction.

2. You will save money on your phone services. This is something we would generally put at the top of the list of benefits. But, it’s important for us to explain that going VoIP isn’t simply about saving money – it’s about improving your business. That said, you WILL end up saving money anyway!

Because the service is delivered over the cloud, you’re using your internet connection, not a traditional landline. As a result, you won’t be incurring long distance charges the way you used to with your old telephone line. You also don’t have to worry about purchasing, installing, managing, maintaining and upgrading your equipment. MeloTel offers a FREE Polycom Phone Program to all customers for as long as they remain customers. That means you don’t have to pay for ANY of your phone equipment!

3. You will be able to conduct business anywhere in the world just as easily as you would if you were in your office. As mentioned earlier, with VoIP, you’re simply using an internet connection to use your business phone. That means that you could be in a hotel halfway across the world and as long as you can go online, you can make and take phone calls just as you would if you were sitting in your office back home.

This also enables you to hire staff members who live in far off distances. You can have a tech support representative, for example, who lives and works in another country. But that person can be reached by having your customers call your local or toll-free number and dialing that person’s extension. It’s like the person is working in your office. If you don’t want your customers to know your employee’s location, they don’t have to. VoIP truly helps for your brand to go global!

At MeloTel, we’re more than happy to discuss with you the various benefits that VoIP technology can bring your business. At any time you’re ready to learn more about our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services, simply give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature located at the bottom right corner of our website!

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