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3 Reasons To Regularly Update Your Website

Newsflash: the internet is popular! Now, that we’ve gotten that understatement out of the way, it’s important that we offer some encouragement to business owners who may not realize just how much of an understatement it is. You see, in today’s world, there are many who believe that a company without a strong online presence is a company not worth working with. Having a regularly updated website, it can be stated, is of vital importance to its success.

Here are three reasons to regularly update your website:

1. It improves your rankings in search engines. When someone logs on to Google and begins typing in keywords that are relevant to your industry, does your company website come up in his/her search? You may want to do some Googling yourself to find out. When your website is updated often, search engines recognize it as one that consistently has new information to offer. It then awards it a higher ranking in search results.

To use an “old school” example of how companies advertise themselves, consider the way newspapers work. There is a new one printed every day, right? What would you do if, each day, you received the exact same newspaper with the exact same articles printed in it? There wouldn’t be any reason to keep buying that paper, would there? Think of your website in the same way. What reasons are you giving online users to keep visiting it?

2. It’s bound to turn your visitors into buying customers. The more your website’s visitors return, the more likely they are to look further into what your business is all about. The more people who know about your business, the more likely they will be to want to support it. You get how it works. When your website isn’t updated regularly, it gives the impression that nothing much is happening with it. This turns people off.

Communicate that your business is growing and is continually offering its customers new and exciting reasons to check it out. This will draw attention from places you may never have considered before. Remember that social media sites are all the rage, these days. These platforms are widely used to communicate news about topics of interest. Making your website interesting is bound to get it talked about and shared via social media.

3. It increases your social media presence. It’s important to reiterate that last point. Using Facebook, Twitter and the like are excellent – not to mention, free – ways of spreading the word about your business. The more your website is updated, the more reasons you have to share links on your own accounts. Blogging is an ideal way to add content to your site that is worth sharing on social media.

At MeloTel, we post a link to each of our new blogs on our social media accounts. This helps to engage online audiences, giving them more reasons to visit our site. The hope, of course, is that they are intrigued by the content and therefore, interested in browsing through the rest of the pages on our site. Those who check our website out know that MeloTel offers services that can help you increase the strength of your company’s online presence.

We offer both Website Maintenance Services and Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire. If you’re looking to grow your business by bettering its online presence, don’t hesitate in contact MeloTel today! Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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