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The President Gets “Ghetto”

As we blogged about just over a week ago, MeloTel President John Meloche has recently ventured into a new career path – acting! Well, not exactly. But John has officially made his music video debut in the latest release from Toronto hip-hop duo, Perfeck Strangers. Launching their first video at a release party last week Wednesday, the group has now gone viral with the release, entitled “Ghetto”!

The song details the many different things that people may do on a daily basis that are considered “ghetto”, another word for “classless”. For example, the act of filling up the refrigerator with beer so as to not make enough room for baby formula. Or perhaps, continually asking friends for a light when you yourself are a consummate smoker who should own a lighter or matchbook.

Or how about the act of spending so much money on a fancy car complete with a top-of-the-line sound system, that you can’t afford the gas needed to drive it? Well, this is where John comes in. Using his very own vehicle as a prop, John plays an overzealous character who is only too willing to show off his expensive ride.

As you can imagine, things don’t play out so well for the character, as he is left unable to drive off in style due to an empty gas tank. John’s part in the video coincides with lyrics performed by Perfeck Strangers member, Dan-e-o. In the third verse of the song, Dan-e-o and his partner, Promise rap back and forth about the various things that they consider to be “ghetto”.

Raps Dan-e-o: “How about that cat with shiny rims on his car? A house speaker in the trunk, but he can’t drive you far. ‘Cause his license was lost, there’s nothing in the bank, so he’s got an empty tank. Now that’s ghetto!” This part of the song kicks off at the 2:50 point of the music video.

It is at this point that John makes his short, but memorable on-screen appearance. When asked about John’s performance in the video, Dan-e-o had this to say: “He was ‘perfeck’ as we like to say. John has always been a very entertaining guy so we knew that there had to be a spot for him in this video. Considering that John also drives a pretty cool whip (car), we figured he’d be ideal for this role.”

“Ghetto” is the official debut single and video from Perfeck Strangers – a group made up of two veteran solo hip-hop artists. The single is currently available on iTunes and the video is on YouTube. It is expected to make its television broadcast premiere in the coming weeks. But you can check it right here!