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The Beauty Of A Brand New Logo

Last week, Toronto sports fans were abuzz with the news that the city’s Major League Baseball team had unveiled a brand new logo and uniforms. The Toronto Blue Jays have gone back in time to rebrand the team with an updated and more stylized version of their original selves.

Back is the Blue Jay with maple leaf logo and returning as well are the white, blue and grey jerseys that provide reminders of the World Series glory days of 1992 and 1993. Many fans of the Blue Jays are extremely excited about this change as it gives them hope that their beloved baseball team will bring about more wins to go along with their new look.

At the end of the day, that’s what a logo change is all about. It encourages excitement and indicates a forward-moving, ever-evolving representation of a brand. At MeloTel, we specialize in business logo design, knowing how important it is to our clients to have a distinct and recognizable logo to call attention to their businesses.

Many business owners, however, fear change. Some feel that if they change their company logo, they may lose customers who no longer recognize them. On, there is an article that speaks to this concern and offers some advice to business owners who may be missing out on the benefits of designing a new logo for their companies.

According to the website, the fear of change is simply not acceptable in today’s business environment. Needless to say, things are constantly changing, no matter what line of business you are in. It’s important to stay current and be aware of those changes that will keep you up with the times.

You want to communicate to your target audience that if something is happening in your industry, your business is leading the trend. The site encourages entrepreneurs to be flexible and willing to shift their business plans to take advantage of current trends. For example, it’s a bad business practice to stick to one tag line for the duration of your business’ existence. You don’t want to appear stagnant. points out that major corporations such as Pepsi Co., Microsoft, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Toyota, Wal-Mart, Starbucks and UPS have all undergone logo changes in order to keep things fresh. Each logo update signifies a new phase of life for the company. It goes without saying that each of these companies are quite successful. So how bad can a logo change be?

In our final blog of the week, we will discuss a few more benefits of sprucing up your logo. As always, we are happy to discuss ideas with you on how MeloTel can redesign your company’s logo. Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL and let’s take your company’s image to the next level!