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The Importance Of Improving Customer Service For The Holidays

If there’s any time of year when customer service really needs to be stepped up, it’s this one. With the holiday shopping season now in full effect, it stands to reason that businesses will need to be mindful of how well they treat their customers. Naturally, there is a lot of competition for every business, no matter the industry. So, quite often, it’s the way that companies make people feel that separates them from others.

How does your company makes its customers feel? Are you paying attention to the needs of your customers and are you meeting them? Believe it or not, consumers need a lot more than an assurance that they’re getting the best deals from your store. Price points will always be important. But they’re not the proverbial “be all, end all”. Businesses win customers over by providing better customer service than their competitors.

How can you make sure your customer service is superior? Well, it’s certainly important to ensure that your entire staff is adequately trained. Training, by the way, is something that should be continually happening. Through regular feedback sessions, your employees should be constantly reminded of the various customer service practices and techniques that can help your brand to be set apart from the rest.

Your team members should be very clear about the company’s goals. And, during this time of year, it’s wise to emphasize the importance of the holiday season. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy your most successful months over November and December. But it’s important to impress upon your team members that achieving greater success will come by way of making customers happy.

How can you improve customer interactions? Consider how you would like to be treated as a customer. Always try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Are your customer service practices enough to keep you happy? Would they encourage you to keep coming back? Focusing on the customer experience is especially important when the interactions take place over the phone.

And this is because there are no facial expressions, hand gestures or other forms of body language to help you. Naturally, it’s important to put across as friendly a personality as possible over the phone. Dare we say…a “festive” approach to customer service is key during this time of year? You definitely need to communicate this approach to your phone reps so that your brand is consistently represented in the way that you envision.

At MeloTel, we strongly believe in providing customers with the best customer service in our industry. And we know how important it is for that mission to be carried out by everyone who represents our company. If you run a call centre or work with employees who communicate with your customers over the phone, you’d be wise to take advantage of our Monitor/Whisper Control Panel.

The “monitor” portion of the service allows you to listen to calls live and as they happen without being detected. The “whisper” portion of the service enables you to drop in on calls so that you can coach your phone agents throughout the calls without the other parties hearing you. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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