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The Holiday For Haunting Is Here!

Amazingly, that time of year is upon us once again. It’s time to carve those pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and decorate the house with spider-webs. Halloween is here, and believe it or not, today is a day that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here, at MeloTel, we know someone who REALLY enjoys Halloween.

We certainly hope you have your Halloween costumes all ready to go for tonight’s festivities. Because if you plan on entering a costume contest somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, you may be up for some stiff competition. You see, MeloTel President, John Meloche is not one to skimp on a Halloween costume. No indeed.

John, you see, is very much the Halloween costume-connoisseur. In Halloween’s of past, John has accumulated quite the reputation as a creepy contest winner. In fact, two years ago, our president donned a demented-ghoul get-up reminiscent of the Sloth character from the 1985 adventure film, The Goonies.

With that costume, he entered into a Halloween Costume Contest at Gossip Restaurant at Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. Sure enough, John secured himself first prize, winning him $500 in gift certificates! So with Halloween coming again tonight, the competition is on!

There is no word yet on where John may pop up and what costume he has in store. But you can be sure that the Halloween spirit is not lost on the president of MeloTel. In fact, the act of getting involved with the spirit of the spooky season seems to be something that many adults throughout Canada share.

Karena Walter of QMI Agency wrote this past weekend, that an estimated two-thirds of adults will dress up for Halloween this year. So it’s safe to assume that Halloween is not simply a haunted holiday for kids alone. In an article published by the Welland Tribune, she discusses the findings of a recent Value Village survey.

“Ninety per cent of those adults will make or buy a fresh costume, while 10% will wear something they’ve borrowed or worn in the past,” she writes. Undoubtedly the best time of year for costume shops, Halloween garners spending of approximately $300 per family of four each year on decorations and costumes.

The yearly tradition of Halloween actually seems to be growing in popularity. Lisa Baker is a store manager of a Value Village location in Welland. Said Baker: “In Canada, Halloween is becoming more of an event like it is in the U.S. You get people doing a lot more parties and going out to places. You get a lot of parents dressing up with the kids.”

Happy Halloween everyone!